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David Blue - Nice Baby and the Angel (1973) 

Artist David Blue
Title: Nice Baby and the Angel
Label: Asylum
Catalog: SD 5066
Format: Vinyl, LP
Released: 1973
Country: Providence, Rhode Island
Genre: Pop/Rock, Psychedelic
Duration: 00:35:08

I'll start out by telling you David Blue's "Nice Baby and the Angel" has to be one of the most schizophrenic albums I've ever heard. Having previously signed with David Geffen's Asylum Records, this 1973 Graham Nash produced release was Blue's fifth album over a seven year timeframe. Musically the album marked a dramatic shift in Blue's sound. After years spent laboring to relatively little success as a Dylan-styled folkie, producer Nash deserved credit for pushing Blue towards an updated, more contemporary sound and for bringing in what was one of the year's most impressive casts of L.A. sessions players including David Lindley, Chris Ethridge and The Eagles Glenn Frey. Blue clearly took notice of his surroundings and throughout this album you could hear the singer trying to figure out a way to appeal to longstanding folk fans, while carving out a more rock-oriented audience. Longstanding folk fans were covered by downcast acoustic folk numbers like 'On Sunday, Any Sunday' and 'Yesterday's Lady', while rock fans could latch on to 'Outlaw Man' and the equally rocking 'Darlin' Jenny'. Perhaps one of the unintended consequences was that album literally bounced from one genre to the other, occasionally leaving you to wonder what in the world was going on (check out the sudden shift in gears between 'On Sunday, Any Sunday' and 'Darlin' Jenny'). That said, the biggest surprise to my ears came in the realization that Blue's voice was actually well suited for tougher rock material. I actually thought the rock performances beat the crap out of the more conventional folk flavored songs on the LP. Too bad he didn't record a couple more rockers for the collection. - badcatrecords.com

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  Side One:
A1. Outlaw Man - 02:49
A2. Lady O' Lady - 03:15
A3. True To You - 03:36
A4. On Sunday, Any Sunday - 03:41
A5. Darlin' Jenny - 03:50
  Side Two:
B1. Dancing Girl - 02:44
B2. Yesterday Lady - 04:31
B3. Nice Baby And The Angel - 03:03
B4. Troubadour Song - 03:41
B5. Train To Anaheim - 03:27

       Produced by Graham Nash

David Blue - Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Dave Mason - Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Background Vocals
Graham Nash - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Piano, Background Vocals
Bob Rafkin - Acoustic Guitar
John Barbata - Drums
Chris Ethridge - Bass Guitar
David Lindley - Acoustic and Slide Guitar, Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Zither
Terry Adams - Cello
Jennifer Warnes - Background Vocals
Glenn Frey - Background Vocals

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