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Ramsay Mackay - The Suburbs Of Ur (1982) 

Artist Ramsay Mackay
Album: The Suburbs Of Ur
Label: Principal Records
Catalog#: PRC 005
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: South Africa
Released: 1982
Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Duration: 00:40:45

Ramsay MacKay родился в Шотландии в 1946-м, но переехал с родителями в Южную Африку в 1953 году. Там он стал поистине гением южноафриканского рока, певцом, автором песен, поэтом и музыкантом. В настоящее время Ramsay живёт у себя на родине в Шотландии, хотя и посещает ЮАР от случая к случаю.

Ramsay Mackay was one of the (many) driving forces behind the great Freedom’s Children who produced what many regard as one of the greatest South African albums of all times (Astra, in case you were wondering). That was in the late sixties, early seventies. Then nothing, other than a brief appearance in the band Harambee in 1978 and a couple of solo singles.
But in 1982, he released the album ‘Suburbs of Ur’, the opening track of which is ‘Witchdoctor Of Hillbrow’. Those expecting those dense sounds that Freedom’s Children produced, may have been a bit disappointed with the sparseness of the track. It’s a stripped down affair featuring only guitar, bass, violin and Ramsay’s deep vocals. But what a combination these make. The violin is haunting, the guitar slightly African, the bass is solid and the vocals, brushed with Ramsay’s Scottish roots, bring a chill to the spine.
The music combines beautifully with the poetic language in the lyrics that paint a very different picture of Hillbrow to that which Johannes Kerkorrel did a good few years later. Ramsay’s Hillbrow has ghosts, black cakes, dead men and, of course, witchdoctors. Achingly beautiful, this may not appeal to hardcore Freedom’s fans, but you should give it a go, you may just be moved to tears.

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  Side One:
A1. St Judas 5:09
A2. It;s The Fashion (It's The Most) 2:55
A3. Tarzan And The Humans 4:10
A4. The Witchdoctor Of Hillbrow 3:37
A5. I Like The Rebel 3:08
A6. Goodbye To The Islands 3:22
  Side Two:
B1. Eyes Of Zimbabwe 3:34
B2. Crocodile Chant 2:20
B3. Benny And The Side Car Man 3:59
B4. Silent Water 4:15
B5. Mumbo Jumbo 2:01
B6. The Blind Boys Of The Mist 2:37

        All Songs by Ramsay Mackay
        Produced by Ramsay Mackay
        Engineers by Tony Manuel, Graham Handley,
        Hennie Hartman, Julian Laxton & Greg Cutler.

Ramsay Mackay - Vocals, electric, bass and acoustic guitars
Dave Tarr - Violin, dulcimer, tenor & alto sax, acoustic guitar, penny whistle, harmony vocals
George Spencer and Colin Pratley - Drums
Ronnie Robot - Bass Guitar on Saint Judas and I Like the Rebel
Trevor Rabin - Lead Guitar on Mumbo Jumbo
Brian Davidson - Voice and end of Mumbo Jumbo
Silver Creek Band - Backing vocals on Silent Water

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