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Smith & d'Abo - Smith & d'Abo (1976)

Artist: Smith And D'Abo
Album: Smith And D'Abo
Label: CBS Records
Catalog#: 81583
Country: UK
Release: 1976
Genre: Soft Rock, Pop Rock
Duration: 00:42:37

Who are these two guys and why are they on Glory Daze I hear you ask? Well for starters Mike d'Abo is in my book as one of pop music's long lost treasures. His work with Manfred Mann in the late 1960's (remember 'Mighty Quinn'?) is instantly recognizable but it's his follow-up solo albums including 'Down at Rachel's Place' and the classic 'Broken Rainbows' are where it's at for this listener. Creative and intelligent singer songwriter pop music like early Elton John and Scott Walker that they just don't seem to make any more. Mike Smith was keyboard player and vocalist for the Dave Clark Five one of the original British invasion bands with numerous hits including the classic 'Glad All Over'. Fortunately, both of these veterans got together for whatever reason and delivered a one-off classic that didn't get the attention it deserved at the time but is definitely a 'must hear'.
As you can imagine, this is a pop record. Nothing here is hard or heavy, but if you enjoy the aforementioned Elton John's early work, The Hollies 70's albums and Leo Sayer then this record is for you. 'Runnin Away From Love' will have appeal for AOR and West Coast fans and was released as a single, but failed to chart. Other highlights include the gorgeous 'Happy (Hollywood Symphony)' and the upbeat 'Ray Of Sunshine' which also was released as a single but again failed to do much business. The record's commercial failure's aside, every time I listen to this record I get a warm and good feeling. There is nothing better than well written pop music and 'Smith And d'Abo' delivers on every level.
Following the release of this album, Smith And d'Abo hit the road in the UK, Germany and Austria as support for Sailor and from what I have read, went down well. A good pairing come to think of it! The album itself was released on CD in 2003 on Sony Japan, but is out of print now and goes for silly money on eBay. Let's hope for a reprint, but until then check out one of the several Mike d'Abo compilations which include tracks from the album.

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  • Side I:
A1. Hang Your Hat 03:34
A2. Two Worlds 02:55
A3. Free As A Bird 03:36
A4. Ray Of Sunshine 03:41
A5. Happy (Hollywood Symphony)  03:51
A6. Skid Row Kid 03:05 
  • Side II:
B1. Running Away From Love 02:53
B2. Rockin' Chair 03:23
B3. A Broken Dream 04:25
B4. Loving You Came So Easy 03:38
B5. Take You Higher 03:50
B6. Only Love 02:59


Mike d'Abo - Vocals, Keyboards
Mike Smith - Vocals
Mo Foster, Dave Markee - Bass
Barry DeSouza - Drums
Ray Russell - Guitar
Mike Bailey - Trumpet
Malcom Griffiths - Trombone
Jack Lancaster - Saxophone
Chris Mercer - Sax (Tenor)
John Warren - Brass

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