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John Milner - Retrography (2006)

Artist: John Milner
Album: Retrography
2006 Purple Plum Records
Catalog#: PURCD 004
Release: March 6, 2006
Country: UK
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock
Duration: 01:13:04

A music fan from Hull This album covers a lengthy period of time and perfectly traces John Milner's rise as a musician and songwriter. The ability to add something very special to each song brings them alive and makes them personal. A guitar hero one minute a New Romantic the next with a Celtic flavour running throughout many tracks. The fact the songs can take different treatments is a testament to Johns talent as a tunesmith. A truly outstanding listen with each track being able to stand alone as a potentially classic song.

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  • Tracklisr:

01. Western World (This Virgin Deep/1986) 02:55
02. Crush (Bone/1972) 03:45 *
03. No Time for Falling (Stolen Pets/1982) 03:39
04. Explain Your Own Reasons (This Virgin Deep/1986) 03:12
05. T.R.D. (Zhain/1973) 01:50 *
06. Marianne (This Virgin Deep/1987) 04:42
07. Who Do You Love? (This Virgin Deep/1985) 04:02
08. Strontium Sauna (John Milner/1980) 04:00
09. The Traveller's Song (This Virgin Deep/1987) 04:20
10. Streetwalker (Zhain/1974) 05:32 *
11. Women in Cars (Stolen Pets/1982) 03:52
12. Walking in the Rain (This Virgin Deep/1984) 03:46
13. Dawning of Another Age (Qyl/1975) 05:20
14. Changes (Stolen Pets/1982) 03:26
15. One Dollar Touch (Zhain/1973) 04:51 *
16. See Me Burning (This Virgin Deep/1984) 03:52

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  1. И всё же где-то мы этого Мильнера ещё встречали, помимо того, что ты сказал... Никак не припомню..

  2. Да у него много всяких проектов. Да и тем более он до сих пор поет и записывает альбомы.