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Mendelson Joe - Humans (2013)

Artist: Mendelson Joe
Album: Humans
© Copyright - Mendelson Joe
Release Date: 2013
Country: Canada
Genre: Blues: Acoustic Blues
Duration: 00:46:34

A self-taught guitarist since age eleven, Mr. Joe's musical career spans four decades; he is a prolific songwriter and a recognized guitar master.
In 1975, Mr. Joe rescued some derelict paints from the garbage, and tried painting just to see what it was like. A distinct style soon evolved. Today, Mendelson Joe's painting's are internationally recognized as outstanding, unique, examples of contemporary Canadian art.

His work is housed at the Art Bank (a government-owned art collection), and in numerous private and corporate collections worldwide. In March 2000 Mendelson Joe realized his longtime dream and exited the city of Toronto. He now resides in a log cabin surrounded by forest in the Almaguin Highlands.
“Here’s a Bluesy batch recorded over twenty years back. True art always stands the test of time so put on the music and dance your dance. I am fortunate that the featured musicians contributed their time talents (and tolerance of my idiosyncratic requests if any) in exchange for Joe art (paintings). I thank them all once again.
HUMANS is part of my chronicle. The songs are outgrowths of my flawed existence in pursuit of my truth.
 If anything is clear or was clear when I wrote these songs, it’s that humans do not learn from their mistakes. Humans repeat their mistakes. As a chronic hoper, I felt and continue to feel more and more marginalized like Steven Spielberg’s character E.T. (extra-terrestrial). I just want to return home. Now, please put on your dancing shoes.” - Truly, M. Joe

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  • Tracklist:

01. Got Me a Hungry 03:40
02. Friendly Cookies 03:12
03. Humans Bug Me 04:16
04. My Baby's Asleep 03:36
05. I Am a Fool 03:59
06. Excuse Me 04:09
07. Stan the Fan 04:36
08. Shepherd's Pie 02:57
09. I'm Gonna Die 05:10
10. Alcoholics 03:40
11. Friendly Song 04:20
12. Not Much of a Socialist 05:06

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