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Michael D'Abo - Passion Driven © 2011

Artist: Michael D'Abo
Album: Passion Driven
Label: HERITAGE Records
Catalog#: HTGCD500
Released: 30/05-2011
Country: USA
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock
Duration: 01:01:49

When I finally got around to recording these songs, I knew it was way overdue -PASSION DRIVEN being my first solo venture in over 25 years! It contains 13 new songs, including a haunting performance of my best known song HANDBAGS & GLAD RAGS (a different interpretation to the Chris Farlowe, Rod Stewart, Stereophonies & Office versions).
Song writing has always topped my list of passions .. .alongside seafood, sunshine & sex (check out photos inside). Although my musical influences are many, my earliest ones came from my mother who introduced me to the standards of Gershwin, Porter & Berlin. Once rock 'n' roll hit the airwaves and my tastes broadened, I soon realised -whether listening to Ella, Elvis or The Everly Bros - popular songs could be created from a wealth of different musical idioms, moods, rhymes and rhythms. I've been song writing ever since!
PASSION DRIVEN has given me a shop window again, so I welcome this opportunity to entice people inside (artists & producers included) who may be curious to hear what I'm writing these days. Apart from HANDBAGS & GLADRAGS, (first published in 1967), and TINY MIRACLES, (written in 2007 to celebrate the birth of our twins Louis & Ella), all these songs date from 2009/10.
They started life as home recordings, before being transferred to the improved technology on offer at D.B. Studios in Stroud. I'm hugely indebted therefore to my co-producer & engineer, Andrew Butler, for performing minor miracles enhancing the tracks, and sprinkling them with liberal helpings of fairy dust in the process! Likewise, hearty thanks to my Passion Players & Singers for their invaluable contributions: Dik, Steve, Owen, Matt, Simon, Steve T, Ginnie & Lauren.
Surviving the emotional challenges that love and life throw at us requires passion and perseverance. These are the situations I feel most inspired to write about. Passion's a useful tool to have in one's survival kit - it puts fire in one's belly. Yet it works even better with love in one's heart.Without compassion, songs of passion don't amount to much. A song writer aims to paint musical pictures the listener can identify with. If I've achieved this with any of these songs ... it'll be mission accomplished! - Michael d'Abo. April 2011.

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  • Tracklist:

01. Anger & Frustration 04:29
02. Keep Right On 04:06
03. Give Me Back My Heart 04:18
04. Sunny Skies 04:19
05. Redemption Road 03:09
06. Passion Play 05:19
07. Rosarita 05:09
08. Handbags & Gladrags 04:37
09. Spice It Up 05:26
10. Jacqueline 05:16
11. Mango Bay 04:57
12. Natalie 03:23
13. Tiny Miracles (Celebrating the Birth of Louis & Ella) 03:43
14. Stranger At the Door 03:38

Project Producers: Malcolm Forrester & Tim Grocutt
Agent: Debra Franks - www.derekfranks.org.uk
All songs published by Treasure Island Music
except for Handbags & Gladrags
published by EMI Music

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