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Kenny Herbert & Rab Howat - Another Positive Line (The Apple Beggars) 2010

Artist: Kenny Herbert & Rab Howat
Album: Another Positive Line
(The Apple Beggars)
2010 David Paton Songs
Released: 11 February 2010
Country: UK
Genres: Pop, Music, Vocal
Duration: 01:08:51

KENNY HERBERT & RAB HOWAT have released a 14 track album entitled ’ANOTHER POSITIVE LINE‘. Under the new name of THE APPLE BEGGARS, they have written a collection of new melodic and heartfelt songs. Over the last few years Kenny and Rab have written and recorded albums, recording sometimes at their spriritual home of Abbey Road 2. To create their original songs they have pulled on all their personal thoughts and experiences to come up with melodies and lyrics that reflect their own feelings of everyday life, and that of their great heroes ‘The Beatles’. After being invited a couple of times by Spencer Leigh to perform on BBC Radio Merseyside in Liverpool they recorded their albums ‘The last song in Abbey Road’, ‘Songs of our lives’ and ‘Famous Faces on a Bar Room Wall’. The ‘Famous Faces’ title coming from a pilgrimage that they make to Liverpool each year to play a ‘live session’ on the last Sunday in August at the world famous ‘WHITE STAR BAR’ in Mathew Street, Liverpool. David Paton produced their last 3 albums and along with David’s brilliant playing and production and a couple of his own compositions you have a set of excellent albums of original songs considered timeless and endearing to the listener, a listening must for anyones collection. Recorded over the years at various studios including ‘Abbey Road 2 these albums are a real listening pleasure. Their originality and quality of the honest writing, excellent performances and production create the finished article, which is a real reflection of how timeless pop songs should be. They were delighted to have been one of the 5 nominees for the Frankie Miller ‘Scottish Songwriter of the Year’award at The SCOTTISH NEW MUSIC INDUSTRY AWARDS 2011 in Glasgow. Unfortunately they did not win this time, but will be back in contention next year.

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  • Tracklist:

01. No More 03:26
02. The One 04:12
03. Shine a Light 05:03
04. Is There Anybody Out There 05:35
05. Nobody Knows 05:05
06. I Promise You 04:04
07. The River 05:03
08. Havin a Good Day 04:11
09. All of My Days 04:00
10. Robbin the Beggar 04:24
11. Days Like These 03:36
12. Everyman 04:23
13. No Rain On Mars 04:36
14. The Wish 02:35
15. Lonely (Bonus Track) 03:28

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