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The Kats - Get Modern 1979

The Kats - Get Modern 1979 (2012 Metal Blade Records)

Artist: The Kats
Album: Get Modern
Label: Metal Blade Records
Catalog #: 3984-15129-2
Original: 1979 Infinity-General Records
Release: May 1, 2012

Format: FLAC (track+.cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Country: USA
Genre: Rock, Pop/Rock
Duration: 00:42:20

Metal Blade Records releases classic albums from rock musician Freddy Moore - The Kats, Nu Kats, and BOY releases available for the first time digitally! Freddy Moore to play a show this Saturday in Los Angeles to celebrate the releases.
Fans of Freddy Moore's rock bands The Kats, Nu Kats, and BOY can finally purchases releases from these bands on iTunes. Re-mastered and being released for the first time ever digitally are The Kats Get Modern (1979), The Nu Kats Plastic Facts EP (1980), The Nu Kats Live @ Davlen (1981), BOY Westlake – Single (1983), and BOY Live on Hollywood Blvd (1984). If you are a fan of bands like Oingo Boingo, The Cars, and Talking Heads you definitely need to check out these releases.

In honor of the release of these amazing rock albums/EP/and single, founding members of The Kats, Nu Kats, Boy, Skogie & the Flaming Pachucos, Freddy Moore (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals), Dennis Peters (Guitar, Vocals), and Mr. Ed Warnecke (Drums) will be performing a showcase at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles, CA this Saturday (6/30). The band re-learned several songs from The Kats/Nu Kats/Boy era just for this show and will perform from 1030-1130pm, but will be arriving earlier in the evening to sound check, hangout, and chat with fans.
Pete McRae lead guitar virtuoso, Dennis Peters on bass and vocals, and Al Galles on drums and vocals constitute a flashy group of instrumentalists, laying down tightly structured backing patterns complete with jazzy jitterbug rhythms. Freddy Moore, a first-rate singer who punctuates his solid gutsy vocal delivery with earthy growls, is complimented by his brother Bobbyzio's unbridled passion on saxophone. The Kats uniqueness is largely the result of their engaging concept -- an individual appropriately named Freddy, an underdog or in this case an underKat. Buoyed by the band's good-natured rock 'n' roll vibes, the song pattern evolved into a rock opera of sorts. The theme is so subtly presented that Moore's lyrics do not seem contrived, unlike many rock concepts. The songs don't serve up a plot per se but each number ties into the next, Freddy's problems continually crop up throughout the record. "An unrecognized pop masterpiece. Hopefully it will get the exposure it deserves." - P. Mihelcic

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  • Tracklisr:

01. Money 03:58
02. Reason To Live 03:43
03. Lost My TV Guide 03:23
04. California Here I Come 04:30
05. Heart Of Steel 04:30
06. Pushed Me To It 03:53
07. Cry Woof! 05:12
08. Older Girls 03:23
09. King Of The Wild Frontier 03:21
10. The Kats (Theme Song) 03:14
11. Can't Have You 02:57

    Recorded and mixed at Shelter Studios
Noah Shark and Max Reese in 1979
Infinity Records 
    Producers: Noah Shark and Max Reese
    Cover photo: Loni Specter

Pete McRae: Lead Guitar
Dennis Peters: Bass and Vocals
Freddy Moore: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Al Galles: Drums And Vocals
Bobbyzio Moore: Sax, Guitar

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