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The Shuffles - The Shuffles' Greatest Hits (1971) 

Artist: The Shuffles
Album: Greatest Hits
Label: CBS Records
Catalog#: S 53012
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1971
Genre: Rock, Pop, Ballad
Duration: 00:34:00

The Shuffles, originators of the worldwide hit "Cha-La-La, I Need You", belong to the elite of Dutch pop groups which have made it big on the international record scene. Since the group was formed in 1964, it has undergone several changes in style and personnel. The Shuffles started out as an instrumental combo playing dances in the southern part of Holland. After four years of rocking the joints, charter members Harry Empty (real name: Harry van Liempt) and Jan van Crey were joined by lead singer Albert Westerlaken and solo guitarist Hank Hillman (real name Henk van den Heuvel). These new members brought about a lot of changes. Albert's solo voice gave the group an identity of its own. and Hank was to write a sizable number of songs with hit potential. The new Shuffles, being adept at vocal harmonizing.
Were a winning team from the very start. Pacted to a CBS-Artone recording contract in 1969. their initial platter. "Cha-La-La, I Need You", became a gold record in Benelux, was released in more than 20 countries, and reached Top Ten positions in South Africa and Brazil. In addition, special foreign language versions were recorded, whereas the song also was covered extensively. "Cha-La-La" was followed by a string of other hits, including "The Way The Music Goes" and "Teardrop on Teardrop", their current successes. As a result, the group has toured all over Europe, making concert and television appearances. Excellent close-harmony group vocals and an attractively arranged repertoire of ballads and folk-rock songs appeal to a wide segment of musical tastes and age groups, and have established The Shuffles as one of the hottest attractions to emerge from the Low Countries.

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  Side One:
A1. Cha-la-la, I Need You (Hank Hillman - Brian Goldwyn) - 03:20
A2. The Way The Music Goes (Hank Hillman - Brian Goldwyn) - 02:30
A3. Teardrop On Teardrop (Mitch Murray - Peter Callander) - 03:30
A4. Silly Man (Hank Hillman - Brian Goldwyn) - 02:35
A5. Believe In Tomorrow (Harry L. Empty - Brian Goldwyn) - 02:50
A6. Bitter Tears (Hank Hillman - Harry L. Empty) - 03:00
 • Side Two:
B1. Madeleine (Madam O Madam) - 02:25
(C. Dupont - E. Manga - G. Belby - W. Mischcon - M. Clarke)
B2. Run Run Run Fly Fly Fly (Ben Finton) - 02:30
B3. Why Cant You Be Like A Guy (H. Hillman - A. West - B. Goldwyn) - 02:45
B4. Without You (Hank Hillman - Ernst Hemmyway - Brian Goldwyn) - 03:20
B5. How Long Will It Take (Hank Hillman) - 02:20
B6. What More Can I Say - 02:15
(Hank Hillman - Ernst Hemmyway - Brian Goldwyn)

    Produced by Lion J. Swaab
    Arranged & Conducted by Martin Gale
    Recording Engineer by Luc Ludolph
    Cover Photograph: Kees do Jong
    Cover Design: Harry van Ziji
    Liner Notes: Paul Visser

Albert Westerlaken - lead singer
Honk van don Heuvel - vocals & solo guitar
Harry van Liempt - vocals & bass guitar
Jan van Crey - vocals & drums

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