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Rob Galbraith - Throw Me A Bone (1976) 

Artist: Rob Galbraith
Album: Throw Me A Bone
Label: RCA, Victor
Catalog#: APL1-1747
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1976
Genre: Funk / Soul, Folk, World, & Country
Duration: 00:34:57

•  Rob Galbraith, I wonder if you might hear his name very first by this review, even though Rob is a well-known business man in Nashville music industry as the owner of music publisher, Milsap Galbraith Music co-founded with Ronnie Milsap. As a recording artist, Galbraith released his first album "Nashville Dirt" for Columbia Records in 1970, which was not commercially successful. Galbraith formed a band named Jubal with Dennis Linde who wrote "Burning Love" for Elvis Presley and "Goodbye Earl" for the Dixie Chicks. and others and released self-titled album for Elektra Records in 1972. (For your information, the album was also re-issued on CD by Wounded Bird Records, US leading reissue label in October 2008.) 2 years later, Galbraith restarted his solo artist career and released "Throw Me A Bone" for RCA Records in 1975. "Throw Me A Bone" has a unique atmosphere musically, say "funky", "groovy" but still "swamp". Without commercial success again, Galbraith did step out from the front and started the music publisher with Ronnie Milsap in 1978 and mainly worked as a producer and publisher since then. In 2001, Toronto-born Fred Mollin, a producer known for his excellent works with Barry Man, Dan Hill and many others moved to Nashville and met Galbraith again there. Fred Mollin had Galbraith restarted as an recording artist and thus ""Too Long At The Fair" was self-released locally by Tri-State Records, in 2004. "Too Long At The Fair" includes 3 new songs "We'll Always Have Detroit", "She Ain't My Body" and "When She Turn 45", with self-covers from "Throw Me A Bone" album. It should be also noted that Galbraith also covers Bill LaBounty's masterpiece tune "Living It Up" as the opening track of the album.

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  Side One:
A1. Just Be You (Rob Galbraith & Bruce Dees) - 04:36
A2. I Majored In Jive (Rob Galbraith) - 03:37
A3. 300 Pounds Of Hongry (Donnie Fritts & Eddie Hinton) - 03:00
A4. White Boy In The Woodpile (Rob Galbraith) - 03:38
A5. The Way He Looks At You (Michael Bacon) - 02:58
 • Side Two:
B1. Damn It All (Rob Galbraith) - 02:56
B2. They Still Holler Boogie (Rob Galbraith & Michael Bacon) - 03:34
B3. Just Leave Me Alone (Rob Galbraith) - 03:33
B4. Throw Me A Bone (Rob Galbraith) - 03:25
B5. Inspire Me (Rob Galbraith) - 04:08

      Produced by Rob Galbraith For Kondo Productions
      Strings arranged by Archie Jordan & Bergen White
      Horns arranged by Tommy Smith
      Engineers: Al Pachucki, Bill Harris, Bill Vandevort & Mike Shockley
      Mastering Engineer: Randy Kling

Rhythm Section:
Bobby Ogdin - Electric & Acoustic Piano
Rob Galbraith - Electric Piano
Don Potter & Rob Galbraith - Acoustic Guitar
Roy Goin & Steve Brantley - Bass
Larrie Londin & Hayward Bishop - Drums & Percussion
Reggie Young & Tim Krekel - Electric Guitar

Others Musician:
Michael Bacon - Cello
Joe Osborn - Bass
Farrell Morris - Percussion
Bobby Wood - Clavinet
Don Potter - Electric Guitar ("Inspire Me")
Tommy Smith - Trumpet
Gayle Whitfield - Saxophones
Dave DeAmond - Trumpet Solo
Background vocals:
The Colby Twins, The Holladays,
Bruce Dees & The Fidgettes

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