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The Leading Figures - Sound And Movement (1967) 2006 

Artist: The Leading Figures
Album: Sound And Movement

Ⓟ 1967, Decca Record Company Ltd.
© 2006, Sunrise Records

Catalog#: SR 60605142
Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Made in the EU
Genre: Jazz, Pop, Instrumental
Duration: 00:42:05

•  Have you ever stopped to think just how many parties you have been to in the last twelve month? No? Well, just think about I now for a few minutes. Done? Good. Now think about the number of parties you could have been to and didn't, because you had a cold, couldn't afford the bus fare, or a present, or just didn't like the hosts. Now, add the two together and what do you get? Probably a giant-sized hang-over. A great deal of our time is taken up by thought. You ride on a bus or a tube-train, and you think - heaven knows what about sometimes, but ponder you do. Even if you read the newspaper, you're thinking about the words you're reading. So you get tired thinking. It's bad enough having to work, but having to think as well is often more than many people can take. An escape has to be found. Devised. Somebody stumbled across the 'party'. He probably discovered the word and idea whilst thinking! The general boredom of daily routine has to be broken up. Regular visits to the local. Driving fast cars. Eating Greek food. Gambling. Dancing. You see, we're back to parties again. Perhaps you are one of the millions who don't go to parties. You never receive an invitation. But then that doesn't stop you from going to the party. Half the people inside the four walls of the host's house didn't get an invitation. You just creep in through the front door, bold as brass. That is, you, not the door. Could be both though. And them there are so many different types of party. Garden parties for the upper classes. "Bring a bottle" parties at the other end of the scale. Then about twenty other varieties in between. Birthday parties. Parties just for the hell of it.
Now stop and think on parties. Drinks, food, dim lights, no carpets, and music. Yes, music. Well you can't have a party without music can you? Well, I suppose you could. A group of concert cellists might not have music playing in the background if they are celebrating a fine concert performance. If they do, then it would be less frantic than that to be heard at a gathering of teenagers celebrating someone's coming of age. Nevertheless. At every party, there's always one guy who wants to play his kind of music. He could be outnumbered two hundered to one, but it wouldn't make any difference. Onto the turntables goes the sitar record, or the folk group from the Outer Hebrides. "What's that rubbish?" asks Alan. Comes the reply: "Oh, an absolutely fabulous group from the Outer Hebrides", or sitar player from New Delhi as the case may be. "Great for parties". The reject button is put into action. More familiar sound are then heard - The Rolling Stones or Tom Jones. "Have you heard this new album by THE LEADING FIGURES", enquires Mac. Nobody takes any notice. Mac stands on the sofa, already well-soaked with beer stains. Now shouting, "Have you heard this record by THE LEADING FIGURES?" No response. What does he have to do to be heard. Put the reject button into action again. Off comes the Rolling Stones or Tom Jones, and on goes THE LEADING FIGURES album, "Sound and Movement". Fazock! "What's that?" comes the cry from the milling hoardes around the record player. Now Mac takes his chance. "It's a new album by THE LEADING FIGURES". This for the third time. "Great. Where's the vocal" whispers Stephanie. "There aren't any stupid - it's an instrumental album".
Mac carries on for fully ten minutes expounding the merits of the sixteen titles included, but no one is listening. Even if they were, they wouldn't have heard what he was saying as someone had turned the volume to 'full'. Sounds great doesn't it? I suppose I'd better have a party so that I can play the record to all my friends. No. I'd better get some friends first. Must buy the record too. You wouldn't lend me your copy would you? Wonder if the guests would like sausage rolls or ham sandwiches...

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01. Sunshine Superman 02:48
02. Working In The Coalmine 02:09
03. I Can't Help Myself 02:16
04. Sunny 03:08
05. High Time 02:11
06. I've Got You Under My Skin 02:45
07. How Sweet It Is 02:48
08. You Can't Hurry Love 02:55
09. Black Is Black 02:45
10. Stop! In The Name Of Love 02:49
11. Semi-Detached Suburban Mr. James 02:34
12. Holy Cow 02:16
13. God Only Knows 02:27
14. My Guy 02:53
15. My Mind's Eye 02:15
16. Reach Out I'll Be There 02:58

Ray Davies, Tony Fisher, Eddie Blair - Trumpets
Johnny Edwards, Maurice Pratt, Keith Christie - Trombones
Bob Efford - Tenor, Oboe, Flute
Don Honeywill - Baritone
Jon Lord - Organ
Art Greenslade - Piano
Alan Parker - Lead Guitar
Joe Moretti - Guitar and Twelve-string
Vic Flick, Eric Ford - Guitar
Ronnie Verrell, Dougie Wright - Drums
Johnny Dean - Percussion

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