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Frozen Ghost - Nature Of Magic (1979) 

Artist: Frozen Ghost
Album: Nature Of Magic
Label: Black Rills Records
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Prog/Psich
Duration: 00:47:05

•  This album was recorded in late 1979 and entirely played by Helmut Müller, (former member of swiss underground band Spartacus amongst others) at his farmhouse. About 50 Cassettes of it were produced and sold to friends. Instead of going professional (there were many interesting offers to join other band projects) mr. Muller decided to play music just for fun .
Nature Of Magic was more or less pure improvisation work, but with many changes in style. Apart from the first song, all the tracks showing a dark mystical mood , some rockers included. Silbury Hill is crazy, and Return of the trees got absolutely weired. In 2002 the album was transferred to cd and released in a very small limited edition for collectors only.

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01. Snowblind 03:33
02. Peace on Earth 04:10
03. Silbury Hill 08:03
04. Bloody Gingers 03:27
05. Hey Man 04:36
06. Three Way Split 07:24
07. Thorns And Roses 03:37
08. Invisible Rain 04:14
09. Return Of The Trees 07:58

     Recorded 1979 at soundcave, c Helmut Müller
     Helmut Muller All instruments and voices

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