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Jubal - Jubal (1972 Elektra) 

Artist: Jubal
Album: Jubal
Label: Elektra
Catalog#: EKS-75033
Format: Vinyl, LP Album
Released: 1972

Genre: Rock, Pop, Funk/Soul
Format: FLAC, 24/48 kHz (track+.cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 00:34:29

•  Rob Galbraith formed a band named 'Jubal' with Dennis Linde who wrote "Burning Love" for Elvis Presley and "Goodbye Earl" for the Dixie Chicks. and others and released self-titled album for Elektra Records in 1972. (For your information, the album was also re-issued on CD by Wounded Bird Records, US leading reissue label in October 2008.)

Jubal is an unlikely group anyway you look at it. A super-group of heavyweights nobody’s really heard of, Yet. Separately, they were all on that unmeasurable verge of breaking through to that unequally unmeasurable thing called SUCCESS; together, making it inevitable.
Dennis Linde’s an unlikely dude all by himself. He may be a genius; he certainly is weird. One of the few gifted producers working today.- an exceptional picker (he plays everything from guitar to water-glass), and possibly the most creative and prolific songwriter in the business-he looks like he just stepped out of a scene from “The Last Picture Show”.
Rob Galbraith’s the same brand. A real writer who sings the devil out of his tough, funky songs-singulary unimpressed with himself. The rest of the group (Randy Cullers on drums, Alan Rush on lead guitar, and Terry Dearmore on guitar and lead vocal) came as a package from Oklahoma, and they do it all-pick, sing and write. They’re all seasoned veterans, but together they’re as fresh as a bunch of kids with new guitars. They’ll be around, and they’ll be important. (Kris Kristofferson)

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  Side One:
A1. Lay Me Down (Dennis Linde) - 03:27
A2. Friendly Goodbye (Rob Galbraith, Lee Clayton) - 02:39
A3. Yesterday (I Threw My Life Away) (Alan Rush, Randy Cullers) - 02:54
A4. Really Not A Rocker (Terry Dearmore) - 02:52
A5. Morning Of My Life (Rob Galbraith) - 03:23
A6. For Becky (Rob Galbraith, Lee Clayton) - 03:15
 • Side Two:
B1. Talk To Me Tonight (Alan Rush, Randy Cullers) - 03:47
B2. I'd Hate To Be A Black Man (Rob Galbraith) - 03:07
B3. Courage Of Your Convictions (Alan Rush, Randy Cullers) - 03:47
B4. Ridin' (Dennis Linde) - 02:36
B5. Castles In The Sand (Alan Rush, Randy Cullers) - 03:47

     Recorded at Cinderella Studio, Madison Tenn.
     Recording Engineer: Wayne Moss
     Mixing Engineer: Charlie Tallent
     Special thanks to Farrell Morris, percussion;
     Gayle Whitfield, sax on "For Becky" and "Courage Of Your Convictions"
     Wayne Moss, for musical and technical assistance.

Band Members:
Rob Galbraith - Organ, Guitar, Piano
Dennis Linde - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Randy Cullers - Percussion, Drums, Tambourine
Terry Dearmore - Guitar, Vocals
Alan Rush - Guitar, Harmonica, Bass, Vocals

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