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Dionysos - Musique de mes Amis Dionysos (1978) 

Artist: Dionysos
Album: Musique de mes Amis Dionysos
Label: Solo Records
Catalog#: SO-25507
Released: 1978
Original issue 1st Pressing
Country: Canada
Genre: Prog Rock
Duration: 00:29:18

•  Dionysos went into hibernation during the peak progressive years and, as if to start anew, released a self titled album in 1976. This LP features a new bassist, Fernand Durand, and keyboardist/horn player/flutist Jean-Pierre Forget, who replaced Legault and Bech, and is more blues rock oriented, in the same vein as Offenbach. The music is tighter, the songs shorter and the production crisper. Even Thibert's raspy voice sounds great, resembling Gerry Boulet's at times. One of the highlights, a progressive instrumental called "Ostid' Probleme", sees Bech return to play piano. By then, Quebec music had become more symphonic and folksy, and the band's timing was off. Like many other musicians in the late 1970's, vocalist Paul-Andre Thibert released a solo effort in 1978 called "Musique de mes amis Dionysos" with former band members Clement, Durand, Mathieu, Forget and Lepage, joined by guitarists Michel Lefrancois and Alain Paquette, Richard Perotte (drums), Robert Turmel (bass), and Serge Rehaume (flute). It is also a solid album, which includes two fine instrumentals: one is a remake of their classic renamed "L'Age D'Or II", the other being a curious tribute to Duane Allman by Paquette, called "Bouquet de Roses". In 1994, Thibert regrouped with Clement and Mathieu for a 25th-anniversary reunion tour and released a CD, "Pionnier 1969-1994". This offering is comprised mostly of remakes, yet remains appropriately named after one of the true early pioneers of Quebec rock. - www.progquebec.com

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  Side One:
A1. Sors de ta tete (P.A. Thibert - Eric Clement) 04:10
A2. Vancouver (P.A. Thibert - Philippe Beche) 03:39
A3. Bouquet de roses (pour Duan Allman) (Alain Paguette) 03:42
A4. Le son des neiges (Lyson Brais - Michel Le Francois) 04:03
 • Side Two:
B1. Un air de fete (P.A. Thibert - Alain Paguette) 03:42
B2. Bye bye (P.A. Thibert - Eric Clement) 03:18
B3. Retour (P.A. Thibert - Alain Paguette) 03:31
B4. L'age d'or (Dionysos) 03:04

Paul-Andre Thibert - vocals
Eric Clement - lead guitars
Fernand Durand - bass
Andre Mathieu - organ
Jean-Pierre Forget - piano

Also on board are l'Infonie's:
Michel Le Francois - guitars, organ, piano, synths
Alain Paquette - guitars

and members of the prog group Eternite:
Richard Perotte - drums
Robert Turmel - bass
Serge Rehaume - flute

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