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Mike McGear - Woman (1972)

Artist: Michael McGear
Album: Woman
Label: Edsel Records
Catalog#: EDCD 507
Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Country: Germany
Released: 1997
Genre: Rock, Pop
Duration: 00:36:34

Mike McCartney (born Peter Michael McCartney, 7 January 1944, at Walton General Hospital, Liverpool), known professionally as Mike McGear, is a British performing artist and rock photographer, and the younger brother of Paul McCartney.
About ten years ago, i remember an intense debate in a production office at Radio Merseyside. I forget hovv it started but it involved several presentera, most of vvhom knew Mike McCartney. The debate centred around whether Mike had little talent and only got where he was because of his brother, Paul, or whether Mike was really talented and was held back by having Paul as a brother. The debate was so intense that it should have been broadcasl - it could have won a Sony award for the most argumentative programme of the year. As I remember, the score was evenly divided and certainly at one stage the eloquenl broadcaster, Bob A/urdia, changed sides and argued persuasively from the other perspective. I suspect thal even Mike himself is not sure of the answer - after all, his fan club is called the Mike McCartney Depreciation Society.
In the debate, I was firmly on Mike's side. Of course, his talent doesn't stack up lo his brother's, bul how many performers can be compared to Paul McCartney? Over the years Mike has enriched the UK music scene and vvith albums like "woman", I'd give him the benefit of any doubt. Indeed, this is an excellent album to get a similar debate going amongst your friends. Mike made this album vvithout Paul's assistancc and, aside from some lyrics by Roger McGough, without the other members of Scaffold. This is as ciose to Mike McCartney solo pertbrmer as you're going to get.
"Woman" was released in 1972, vvhich was a busy period for Scaffold. They had played the clubs in their white suits singing "Thank U Very Much" and "Lily The Pink" and they were keen to get back to something more adventurous and theatrical, either solo or together. Moving from Parlophone to Island gave them scope as Island was experimental and not over-concerned about hit singles. Mike released his solo album, "Woman", in April 1972. It was a serious album, well away from what he had done with Scaffold. It was followed by Scaffold's "Fresh Liver", and two Island albums from Grimms, also now reissued by Edsel, which brought together Scaffold, the Bonzo Dog Band and other performing friends.

 • Tracklist:

01. Woman 03:05
02. Witness 04:06
03. Jolly Good Show 03:09
04. Roamin A Road 02:22
05. Sister 03:12
06. Wishin 03:25
07. Young Young Man (Five Years Ago) 00:51
08. Young Man (Five Years Later) 02:50
09. Edward Heath 0:58
10. Bored As Butterscotch 02:52
11. Uptowndowntown 02:29
12. Tiger/Strawberry Jam 07:24

Mike McGear – Vocals
Roger McGough, Andy Roberts – Guitars
Roger Bunn, Dave Richards – Bass
Zoot Money – Piano, keyboards
Brian Auger – Keyboards
John Megginson – Organ
Norman Yardley – Harmonica
Gerry Conway – Drums, percussion
Ginger Johnson – Percussion
Michael Rosen, Roger Ball, Cecil Moss – Horns
Malcolm Duncan, Chris Pyne – Horns
Paul Korda, Steve Gould, Alan Gorrie – Backing vocals
Centipede – Strings
Tony Coe – Saxophones

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