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Michael Caulfield - Michael Caulfield (1973 Troubadour)

Artist: Michael Caulfield
Album: Michael Caulfield
Label: Troubadour Records
Catalog#: TCS-039
Released: 1973
Country: Australia
Genre: Folk Rock / Psych
Duration: 00:37:55

To my mind this is a great undiscovered gem of private pressed Australian Hippie Folk Rock. There's 3 & 4 figure rarities from around the around world in a similar genre that don't hold a candle to this one, imho. Caulfield's vocal style is something to behold, think somewhere of a cross between Scott Walker and the angry preacher that was John Ylvisaker. He obviously had something of an obsession with war & death, as the song titles indicate - If You Go To Death Bravely, Wheelchair Madman, Memoirs Of A Field Marshall, Dead Before Your Time. Incidentally Caulfield went on to become a noted writer on War History, no surprises there! The opener - If You Go To Death Bravely, is a nice folkie starter. But there's alot better to come, particularly on Side 2, "Links", is an absolute cracker, full of fire and venom, phased drums, an absolute must hear! Side two is particularly brilliant, and throughout the course of the album he mixes up a unique blend of wimsy, passion and anger, to create something truly special when he nails it. "Street Song", is another must hear. The only track i could probably do without is "Memoirs Of A Field Marshall", which is basically a ragtime number with kazoo et al. I should also mention that the album is very well produced, there's lots of flutes, some cello, fine backing and playing. Ofter it sounds more like it was recorded in 1968, as opposed to 1973. I guess we were a little behind here! (webofsound, RYM).

 • Side One:
A1. If You Go to Death Bravely - 04:07
A2. Wheelchair Madman - 04:20
A3. Jesse's Song - 04:24
A4. Memoirs of a Field Marshal - 02:44
A5. City Meeting - 02:33
 • Side Two:
B1. Links - 03:24
B2. My Lady of the Grey Days - 02:23
B3. Dead Before Your Time - 02:32
B4. Street Song - 02:50
B5. Sad Song - 02:00
B6. Resolution - 05:40

      Recorded at David and Ross Studios in Sydney, Australia.
      Produced by David Woodley

Michael Caulfield - Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Lou Nanlohy - Bass & Acoustic Guitars
John Smith - Flute, Cello
Chris Rees - Drums, Percussion

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