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Barry Gordon - Piece of Time (1970)

Artist: Barry Gordon
Album: Piece of Time
Label: Capitol
Catalog#: ST-805
Format: Vinyl, LP Album
Reliased: 1970
Country: US
Genre: Rock/Pop, Folk
Duration: 00:35:54

Barry Gcmlon sings happy thoughts, sad thoughts, frightened thoughts, nostalgic thoughts.Thoughts and stories about past, present, future, the pieces of time. You Iry to pull tbt best things you can out of life and feel them with all the intensity you hai-e, put yourself into loi't or u-ork or writing. People art looting for suck fantastic things, they keep looting for the Jay when everything will be so magnificent. But there are things NOW to grab onto. Sometimes they're no more than memories. Born in the city. An actor. A singer. Both almost since infancy. A Tony nomination us Nick in A Thousand Clowns. Unique background for a contemporary composer. His songs are whatever he is. I'm a realist to the extreme. I're utter f,ut into liquor, let alone drugs. I're neter turned on to anything but music, or my girl, or looting out the window, or taking J ride somewhere Barry says that sometimes he wishes he had been born in the South, raised on a farm and a guitar, worn dirty jeans, and felt comfortable about growing his hair down to his shoulders. But that wouldn't be him and he knows it. He is honest and kind and comfortable, and so are his songs. I don't unit songs just lor the sake of writing songs. The idea becomes the important thing, and then the search to find the best u-ay of communicating what I'm thinking and feeling. Perhaps the pleasure he gives us is the illusion that we are actually capable of transcending pain and sadness, and the absurdity of living in a vast, inanimate and ultimately all-con sum ins; universe. That we can maintain our dreams and loves and memories in tlxr iacc of sorrow. And that we can do all this with music. If i could picture the way I'd lite someone to listen to the album, it would be in a dark, silent room, a guy with his lady, his head in her lap. tuit fattening, just letting the sound happen. Barry Gordon, actor, singer, songwriter, man trying to live his hopes and his dreams, hopeful pessimist, trying to become the best Barry Gordon there is. Again, his songs are whatever he is. (Back Cover)

 • Side One:
A1. Instant Replay Yesterday 02:57
A2. The House That Love Built 03:36
A3. Nowhere, Nothing, No One 03:30
A4. Deluge 03:43
A5. For the Children 03:35
  Side Two:
B1. Conversation 04:08
B2. Josephine Christopher 03:27
B3. Movin' Day 02:45
B4. You Are Young (To Lenore) 03:23
B5. Wonders Why 04:59

Produced by Kelly Gordon
"Nowhere, Nothing, No One" sung with Lenore.
All songs composed Barry Gordon.
All song published by Vanbar Music Corp./ASCAP
Arranged by Larry Muhoberac
Arranged by Shorry Rogers.
Annotation: Michael Ross
Antique things & background courtesy of  The Artie.

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