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Crying Wood - Back to the Mountains (1970) 

Artist: Crying Wood
Album: Back to the Mountains
Format: Vinyl LP
Recorded at GTB Studio, 1969.
The Hague, Netherlands
Printed in Canada
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Prog Rock
Duration: 00:42:41

In the mid sixties the band Goldstar Brothers was formed by singer Andre Groote, guitarist Henk Groote and drummer Ben Groote. Later they changed their name to G-Brothers and finally to Geebros. They were joined by organ player Lol Nijhuis, who was replaced by Henny Backers in 1968. The music was somewhat psychedelic. In 1969 their musical interest changed and they choose yet another name: Crying Wood. By this time they made heavy progressive music. The band toured intensively and even recorded an album in 1970, which was called "Back To The Mountains". Apparently this album was only released in Canada. The music on it is heavy with hints of Focus and Pantheon. Shortly after recording the album, the band fell apart. In 1974 the band is reformed by Ben Groote in 1974. Other members are: Cor Lievers (keyboards), Jan Veldkamp (guitar) and Gert Kozijn (bass guitar). Although the band records several demo's, a proper release was never made. Several line up changes follow, and the band finally ends in 1976. .

 • Tracklist:

01. Back To The Mountains 03:05
02. Son of the Meadow 04:04
03. Someone Who Needs You 03:39
04. Stone Desert 04:51
05. Blue Eyed Witch 03:25
06. Trip 02:48
07. Never Is 06:36
08. The Sun Is Filled With Love 05:48
09. Today Away 06:06
10. Back to the Mountains (reprise) 02:15

Henny Backers - Organ, Piano
Ben Groote - Drums, Vocals
Cor Mestenbeld - Bass Guitar
Andre Groote - Vocals
Henk Groote - Guitar, Vocals

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  1. Great album,never heard of this band before.Thanks...

  2. Hi Unc´sasha: osum blog! dat u got and dis record simply a master opus wot a record! and wot an upload! maybe da upload of da year.
    Dis record and da group "Metaphysical Animation" (1973) could b da most hardest and elusives record in da world ´(sixties and seventies).
    A zillion danks 4 dis and also 4 anodas editions: i.e SMILE, SANCTUARY, LEVIATHAN and CHRISTOPHER MILK.
    IMHO da most important uploads of dese years in yer boo´ful blog.
    One mo´time a lotta danks and blessin´4 u.
    Keep on against all odds!

  3. Great post for a great album.
    Would you agree to post it again lossless ?
    Great thanks anyway for these mp3s.

    1. Do you have this album lossless? If you share with me, of course I agree. I will be very pleased.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUFXYTdU1xU Crying Wood Trip Live @ Sarasani Festival Den Burgh Texel Netherlands 4-9-2014