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Emerald City - Pieces (1981)

Artist: Emerald City
Album: Pieces
Label: Turkey Knob Orchard Enterprise
Catalog# EC 4281
Format: Vinyl, Album, LP
Country: US
Released: 1981
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic, Prog Rock
Duration: 00:41:47

 • Side One:
A1. Candy Girl - 03:10
A2. Wake Up In The Morning - 06:06
A3. Little Bit Of Time - 03:50
A4. Twice I’ve Held The Lantern - 06:07
  Side Two:
B1. To Be Yourself - 07:07
B2. Someone To Believe In - 05:17
B3. Eye Of The Storm - 09:05

       All Songs written by Tom and Danny Guy
       Engineered by: Steve Patton, David Parrish and Vic Gabany
       Mixed by: Steve Patton and Tom Guy
       Produced and Arranged by: Emerald City
       Art and Photography by: Kimberly Fields
       Published by: Orchard Hymns

Virgil "Swirvel" Allison, II - Keyboards
Tom Guy - Lead Vocals, Piano, Accoustic Guitar, Percussion
Randy Russell - Lead Guitar
Bobby Sewell - Keyboards
Mark Willams - Bass, Percussion, Back-up Vocals

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  1. Very rare and very good album

    Please ....
    Have this in this great Mrs:
    LINDA RONSTADT - Linda Ronstad - 1972
    LINDA RONSTADT - Don't Cry Now - 1973
    Thank you so much, for better or worse
    Your blog is FANTASTIC.

    1. On the internet you can easily find all albums Linda Ronstad. I listened to some. But in a blog post does not see the point.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Thanks you have been very kind, but
    sorry to say that these two discs is impossible to find on the internet.
    If you have them, could only put links in your comments?, Is that I have a lot interest.
    Thanks again