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The Free Band - The Free Band (1969 Vanguard)

Artist: The Free Band
Title: The Free Band
Label: Vanguard
Catalog#: VSD-6507
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1969
Genre: Rock, Folk, Psychedelic
Duration: 00:31:28

The Free Band were a Canadian trio (Linda Carroll, Foster Reed and Roland Cohen) whose 1969 LP is very reminiscent of groups like Rebecca & The Sunny Brook Farmers with a folk-bluegrass/raga feel to it. Great instrumentation and lyrics. I can’t find anymore info on this group, so let the music speak for itself. Enjoy!!! (Jack Dominilla)
” I am, believe it or not, Roland Cohen of The Free Band (the lead male singer and co-writer of most of the songs). I was shocked that you managed to procure a copy of our old old record, and that you LIKED IT!!!! Actually, we were not Canadian. I’m From NYC originally and Foster is from Cincinnati Ohio and Linda was from Ohio (I think, can’t remember for sure, she was only with us for a short time). Foster and I met in boarding school as did the other musicians not mentioned. Sadly, our record was never promoted, though it was released, and so died a quick death but for a playing here and there on local radio stations in the early 70s. Anyway, feel free to contact me if you’d like some more info or a few of the endless stories. I think you are the only enduring fan I know of! Thanks for your interest. It’s so long ago. I just happened to google it tonight.”.

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  Side One:
A1. Plastic Reconstructions 03:29
A2. The Funeral In Yellow 04:34
A3. Oedipus Stomp 02:07
A4. Epitaph To Alice White 03:25
A5. Greek Rain 03:44
  Side Two:
B1. India Ink 02:12
B2. Wired For Heat 02:52
B3. The Song Of The Magpie 03:40
B4. Youlegy 03:36
B5. I Set You Free 03:43

Foster Reed, Linda Carroll
and Roland Cohen

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    1. Здесь как бы сэр, трио, все трое поют.