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Fools Gold - Mr. Lucky (1977)

Artist: Fools Gold
Album: Mr. Lucky
Label: Columbia
Catalog#: PC 34828
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1977
Genre: Rock, Soft Rock
Duration: 00:36:11

Pared down to a duo, the main songwriters and singers Torn Kelly and Denny Henson, playing as Fool's Gold, switched labels and went for the slick L.A. sound that was being offered up in the mid-'70s. Mr. Lucky, while trying harder than their first disc, doesn't have the warmth and charm that disc had. Aided by some fine musicians, Fool's Gold tries for the gold, but only end up with the dust. Mr. Lucky failed to live up to expectations of their earlier fans and didn't add anyone new to their fanbase. In the end, Fool's Gold appeared to be just that. - James Chrispell

 • Side One:
A1. Sweet Country Air (Tom Kelly, Denny Henson) - 4:14
A2. I Can Hear The Whistle Blow (Tom Kelly, Denny Henson) - 2:54
A3. Wouldn't I Love To Love You (Tom Kelly) - 4:24
A4. Runnin' And Hidin' (Tom Kelly, Denny Henson) - 3:53
A5. Fly Away (Tom Kelly, Denny Henson) - 3:54
  Side Two:
B1. Gypsy Brew (Tom Kelly, Denny Henson) - 2:43
B2. Mr. Lucky (Tom Kelly, Denny Henson) - 4:16
B3. Where Did Our Love Go Wrong (Tom Kelly) - 3:58
B4. Captain (Tom Kelly, Denny Henson) - 5:57

      Recorded & Mixed at Sound City, Van Nuys, California.
      Produced by Keith Olsen for Pogologo Productions
      Strings arranged by David Foster & Keith Olsen
      Horns arranged by Keith Olsen, Colin Tully & Mel Collins
      Strings conducted by Martyn Ford
      Daimlier Strings recorded at Air Studios, London, England
      Horns recorded at Scorpio Sudios, London, England
      Mastered at Kendun Recorders, Burbank, California
      Engineered by Keith Olsen & David Devore
      Arranged by Foold Gold & David Foster

Fools Gold are:
Denny Henson - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Tom Kelly - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar

The Musicians:
David Foster, David Paich - Keyboards
Jeff Porcaro - Drums & Percussion
Mike Porcaro - Bass
Bill Champlin - Organ
Waddy Wachtel - Electric & Slide Guitar
Doug Livingston - Pedal Steel Guitar
Dan Fogelberg - Lap Steel
Colin Tully, Tom Scott - Alto Sax
Mel Collins - Tenor & Soprano Sax
Keith Olsen - Tambourine
Andrew Gold - Electric Guitar

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  1. Arranged by Foold Gold & David Foste
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    Arranged by Fools Gold & David Foster
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