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Alan Thicke - Alan Thicke (1970 LP Birchmount)

Artist: Alan Thicke
Album: Alan Thicke
Label: Birchmount
Catalog#: BM 547
Format: Vinyl, LP Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Pop
Duration: 00:27:08

How would you like to meet one of Canada's top television comedy and variety writers ond discover that he was also a young, good-looking singer - composer? Well, enough soid about me.....got to tell you about Alan Thicke....(The guy who recorded this album).
We first met on the CBC's 1969 New Year's Eve T.V. Special....he was one of the show's writers and performed some very funny comedy material himself....(Alan also wrote the Tommy Hunter T.V. Show for two seasons, The Johnny Cash T.V. Special, CBC's "Time For Livin"', on which he also performed, and he hosted "It's Our Stuff" on CBC T.V. with the Good Company.)
We met ago in at the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant (it was then I told him, "Alan, we can't go on meeting like this!!!") I was the host, Alan was the writer and author of the pageant's theme song "Hey Little Girl", a song that caught my fancy as one of the freshest pieces of material I've heard in many years.
Most of the music on this album was written by Alan - no messages, no protest, just good music, delivered with feeling. If there was a single word to describe this young man and his work it's "exciting"! But a word sounds pale next to this album. - Jay Nelson (Back Cover)

 • Side One:
A1. Take a Letter, Maria (R. B. Greoves) - 03:02
A2. Where To Now (A. Thicke) - 02:35
A3. Wondergirl (A. Thicke) - 02:53
A4. Didn't We (J. Webb) - 02:22
A5. Good-bye (J. Lennon-P. McCartney) - 02:05
  Side Two:
B1. Leaving On A Jet Plane (J. Denver) - 03:54
B2. How Are You? Not Bad (A. Thicke) - 02:04
B3. Should I Tell Her (A. Thicke) - 02:10
B4. Ob-La-Di (J. Lennon-P. McCartney) - 03:22
B5. Passing By Tomorrow (A. Thicke) - 02:36

      Recorded at: Sound Canada Recording Center, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada
      Recording & Re-recording Engineers: Ray Lawrence & Martin Hurst
      Prodeced by: Art Snider
      Album Co-ordinator: Frances Handelman
      Front Cover Photo: Doug Smale

Art Snider - Pinno
Brion Leonard - Drums
Richard Homme - Bass Guitar
Joseph Luechetto - Guitar
Vern Kennedy - Flugel Horn
Moribeth Solomon - Flute

Alan Thicke - Vocals
Special Thanks to "The Essential Society"
for Vocal Backgrounds.

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    1. This is his only album. When I first heard it, for me it was a surprise.

  2. Basically a Canadian Talent Library Album - has all the same players found on Moe Koffman, JOhnny Burt, Laurie Bowers ect...the 'wrecking crew' of Canada. I knew Richard Homme (bass) when he was alive and am friends with his Daughter who I burn albums for her on CD - she had no idea how many albums her father played on.