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Michal Hasek - Michal Hasek (1974 Naja 1)

Artist: Michal Hasek
Album: Michal Hasek
Label: Naja Records
Catalog#: Naja 1
Format: Vinyl, LP Album
Released: 1974
Country: Canada
Genre: Folk, Psych
Duration: 00:37:02

Michal Hasek is a Toronto-based guitar player, harmonica player, singer/songwriter with a roots-blues background. He released two albums of self-penned songs interspersed with blues standards which he recorded with his band, Sundog, in the '70s. The 'Michal Hasek' album came out in 1974 and featured musical assistance from Sundog and such luminaries as Ian Guenther, Steve Kennedy, Tony Kosinec, Brian Browne, Gairey Richardson and Ron Nigrini. It was produced by C.R. Young and C.F. Peterson with engineering assistance and production advice by Steve Kennedy, Brian Browne and Terry Brown. The record contained all original music except for covers of David Wiffen's "More Often Than Not" along with Ron Nigrini's "Horses".
In 1978 Hasek, along with Sundog, recorded 'The Radio Play' with added assistance from Ron Nigrini and Tony Kosinec. Recording and mixing assistance came in the form of Steve Vaughan and John Bojicek. The record featured mainly Hasek originals with a few Sundog co-writes alongside "Send Me Somebody To Love" (Percy Mayfield), "She Caught The K.T." (Taj Mahal), and "Built For Comfort" (Willie Dixon).
Both albums were on his own Naja Records label. The self-titled debut was picked up for distribution by A & M Records. Most recently Hasek has been playing around the Toronto blues clubs and has a CD called 'Hasek which features the playing of his family as well as Rich Bell, Blake Papsin and Jimmy Weider. Technical assistance on the project came from Tony Kosinec at his Think Music production facility in Toronto. (jam.canoe.ca)

 • Side One:
A1. Natural Man - 02:56
A2. More Often Than Not - 04:34
A3. Strange Man - 03:11
A4. You Lighten My Load - 02:50
A5. Naja - 04:35
  Side Two:
B1. Horses - 03:11
B2. Song To The Country - 04:50
B3. Sweet Lady Blue Rain - 02:15
B4. Nothin’ Baby Like You - 04:16
B5. Kick n’ The Ass~Amchitka - 04:20

      Produced by Hasek
      Technical direction by Tony Kosinec

Rodney St Amand - bass
Ian Guenther - violin
Steve Kennedy - sax, flute
Tony Kosinec - tablas
Mitchell Lewis - guitar, banjo
Michal Hasek - guitar, harp, dobro, vocals
Brian Browne - piano
Ron Nigrini, Gairey Richardson - guitar
Christine Newland Hanson - cello
Peter Alves - synthesizer
Michael Irvine - drums
Jessica Boraski , Ron Nigrini ,
Tony Kosinec , Gairey Richardson ,
Caryne Chapman , Nancy Simmonds

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