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The Haircuts & The Impossibles - Here's Where It's At- Beat '66 

Artist: The Haircuts & The Impossibles
Title: Here's Where It's At- Beat '66
Label: Somerset Records
Catalog#: SF-27100
Format: Vinyl, LP Album
Country: US
Released: 1966
Genre: Rock, Pop
Duration: 00:26:33

Somerset high fidelity recordings assure you of the finest fullfreguensy reproduction obtainable on records today. The most exacting quality control has been maintained in each step, from the original studio performance up to the finished pressing.
This Album has been recorded expressly for higs fidelity performance. The recording studios and concert halls used were chosen for each selection to accentuate all sections heard in the arrangements.

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  Side One:
A1. Winchester Cathedral 02:26
A2. Monday, Monday 03:04
A3. Frankie And Johnny 03:24
A4. Greenbeans 02:15
A5. Dragsville 03:00
  Side Two:
B1. Where Did Our Love Go 02:36
B2. Gear Down 02:40
B3. I Want To Hold Your Hand 02:24
B4. Liverpool Stomp 02:59
B5. Henry The Eighth 01:42

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