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Eve - Take It And Smile (1970)

Artist: Eve
Album: Take It And Smile
Label: LHI Records
Catalog#: L.H.I. 3100
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk, & Country
Duration: 00:33:00

Not that more than a handful of folks will know or care, but for all intents and purposes 1970's "Eve" stands as the sophomore release by Honey Ltd. In terms of personnel the only difference was the absence of original singer Alex Sliwin who had previously dropped out to briefly marry J.D. Souther, leaving Laura Polkinghorne Creamer, Joan Sliwin and Marsha Jo Temmer to soldier on as a trio.
Produced by Tom Thacker with backing from an all star cast of sessions players including Hal Blaine, James Burton, and Ry Cooder, the trio's debut as Eve found them abandoning their earlier blend of self-penned psychedelia and soul for a more conventional mixture of popular covers spice with a couple of original tunes. While the group's trademarked harmonies remained intact, this time around the sound was far more restrained with tracks like 'I've Got A Secret', 'Give a Hand' and ''Anyone Who Had A Heart' offering up a mixture of sensitive singer/songwriter, gospel and country influences. Given the gospel edge to material like their cover of James Taylor's 'Lo and Behold' it's hard to believe they were originally from Detroit ...
Unfortunately while he trio's harmony vocals remained a joy to hear (check out 'Dusty Road'), their decision to largely abandon rock oriented material wasn't a wise choice. The results were professional and occasionally quite pretty, but with one or two exceptions seldom particularly exciting. LHI tapped the album for a single in the form of 'Anyone Who Had a Heart' b/w 'Dusty Roads' (LHI cataloig number 25), but it did nothing commercially. With Bell Records stepping in to rescue the ailing label, 'Take It and Smile' b/w 'You Go Your Way' (Bell catalog number 914) was also released as a 45, though it didn't fair any better. The group saw one of their songs included on the soundtrack to the flick Vanishing Point and their recording careers were over.

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  Side One:
A1. Lo And Behold (James Taylor) - 2:58
A2. I've Got A Secret (Fred Neil) - 3:02
A3. Give A Hand (Barry Gibb - Maurice Gibb) - 3:44
A4. Dusty Roads (Marsha Temmer - Laura Polkinghorne) - 3:00
A5. Anyone Who Had A Heart (Burt Bacharach - Hal David) - 5:12
  Side Two:
B1. You Go Your Way (Bob Dylan) - 3:14
B2. Hello L.A., Bye-bye Birmingham (Mac Davis) - 2:30
B3. Could You (Laura Polkinghorne) - 2:37
B4. My Man Sunshine (Marsha Temmer) - 3:47
B5. Take It And Smile (Laura Polkinghorne - Glen Frey) - 3:01

     Recorded in the Spring of 1970 at T.T.G. Recording Studios, Hollywood
     Dist. by Bell Records, a div. of Columbia Pictures Industries Inc., N.Y.C. 

Laura Polkinghorne Creamer - Vocals
James Burton - Lead Guitar, Dobro
Ry Cooder - Bottleneck, Rhitm Guitar
Mark Creamer -
Rhitm Guitar
Gary Illingsworth, Larry Muhoberac - Piano, Organ
Joe Osborne - Bass
"Sneaky Pete" - Steel Guitar
Ron Tutt, Hal Blane - Drums
Vocal Arrangements by EVE:
Laura Polkinghorne, Marsha Jo Temmer, Joan Sliwin
Cover Art by Joan Sliwin

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