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Shirley Eikhard - Child Of The Present (1975) 

Artist: Shirley Eikhard
Album: Child Of The Present
Label: Attic Records
Catalog#: LAT 1007
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1975
Genre: Folk, World, Jazz, Pop
Duration: 00:28:52

Writer of the Grammy-Award winning, "Something To Talk About", as well as a two-time Juno Award and multi-BMI Award winner, Shirley Eikhard is the "real deal"... a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, publisher and record producer with a world-class talent to back it up.
Born in Sackville, New Brunswick and now living in Ontario, Canada, she loves her Canadian roots and over the past 43 years, has travelled the world both as a performer and writer. Her songs have been covered by the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Cher, Anne Murray, and Ginette Reno to name but a few of the incredible artists who have enjoyed success with her writing and Shirley has written well over 500 songs to date. As a recording vocalist, her style encompasses pop, jazz and shades of rhythm and blues.
Shirley is a veteran musician who plays various instruments; guitar, piano, bass, drums, percussion, chromatic harmonica and sax. Over the past decade, she has added dobro, banjo and mandolin to the mix. She loves a challenge and picking up a new instrument helps shape her songwriting skills and keeps her inspiration flowing. Her last eight CDs have been completely performed and sung by Shirley in her home studio in Hockley Valley, Ontario, Canada.
Shirley's songs have appeared in numerous international films and television shows and among them, she has sung theme songs for two movies, "The Domino Principle" and "The Passion Of Ayn Rand" featuring Oscar-award winning Helen Mirren. Her latest CD release, "Dream Of A Perfect Day" (2012) is a collection of pop and bossa nova songs composed during 2011 that reflect her love of nature and intriguing observations on the human condition. (www.shirleyeikhard.ca)

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  Side One:
A1. To Love 02:10
A2. Sure Thing 03:18
A3. Walk Away 02:39
A4. I Wanna Know 01:51
A5. Play A Little Bit Longer 02:47
  Side Two:
B1. Child Of The Present 02:45
B2. It Doesn't Matter Anymore 03:26
B3. Best Friend 03:00
B4. Leave The Windows Open 02:20
B5. I Just Wanted You To Know 04:03

     Arrangement - Shirley Eikhard and Dennis Murphy
     Recording - Phil Sheridan at Thunder Sound, Toronto
     Mixing - Phil Sheridan and Dennis Murphy
     Mastering - George Graves at Just Another Mastering Facility
     Production - Dennis Murphy

Shirley Eikhard - Acoustic Guitars, Electric Piano, Vocals
Chuck Aarons - Electric Guitars
Dave Brown, Terry Clarke - Drums
Paul Fortier, Dennis Melton - Bass
Par Godfrey - Piano, Fender Rhodes on "Best Friend"
Bill Usher - Percussion
Richard Armin - Cello on "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"
Ron Dann - Steel Guitar
Dwayne Ford - Organ on "Play A Little Bit Longer"
Rolf Kempf - Flute on "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"
Dale Melton -
Bruce Pennycook - Saxophone on "Walk Away"
Background Vocals: Shirley, Dennis Melton,
Chuck, Paul, Nigrini

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