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Ned - Self Titled (1973) Polydor #PD 5052

Artist: Ned
Album: Self Titled
Label: Polydor Records
Catalog#: PD 5052

Release: 1973
Country: US
Genre: Southern Rock
Total Time: 00:37:47

The band Ned released one album, in 1973, which has a very strong Capricorn connection. Produced by Bill Stewart (also drummer for the Capricorn rhythm section) with help from Paul Hornsby and Johnny Sandlin. Playing along are Paul Hornsby and Tommy Talton (of Cowboy). But I have to admit that I don't know any of the Ned members.
The music is Southern Rock alright, albeit in its embryonic form. Lots of hippie sensibilities and feel good vibes. But, unless you're looking for a Molly Hatchet style album, it's got most of what you might look for in Southern Rock. I even get some funky licks. It's all very nice and worth listening to, if you don't mind your Southern Rock on the mellow side. All songs are originals and the record was released on Polydor records. Thanks to the French Connection (Jacques & Luc).

 • Side One:
A1. Feeling To Hide 03:35
A2. Above The Storm 01:56
A3. Rosemary May 03:32
A4. Time 02:24
A5. I Got A Conflict 06:33
  Side Two:
B1. Matinee Movie 03:11
B2. Mississippi Stream 06:23
B3. My Heart Song 03:34
B4. I Seen The Glory 02:56
B5. Home 03:41

Nick Talantis - Vocals & Guitar
Norman Reim - Vocals
Jeff Parsons - Guitar & Vocals
Alaric Jans - Keyboards & Vocals

with some help from:
Doug Mazique - Bass & Vocals
Richie Morales, Sammy Creason - Drums
Paul Hornsby and Tommy Talton

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