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Mark Taylor (2004 - 2005 INDEPENDENT Records)
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Mark Taylor is a dynamic singer/ songwriter who is originally from Trenton, Ontario. He currently resides in Toronto where he spends much of his time in his home studio refining his folk/ rock fusion style. Initially a drummer, Mark started playing music in 1993 and developed a sense of rhythm that shines through in his live performances. He moved to guitar in 1996 where he began to hone a musical style into something unlike anything that you will hear today. His live shows consists of 90% original material, in which Mark, plays all of the instruments (Guitar, Harmonica, Bass Drum, Hi-hat & Vocals) and pulls it off seamlessly. A great story teller, Mark keeps all his lyrics relevant and poetic. His musical catalogue is now upward of 100 songs. All of which he takes great care in creating, recording and publishing.

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Artist/Band: Mark Taylor
Album: Be Aware of the Afraid...
Label: INDEPENDENT Records
Country: Trenton, Ontario, CA
Genre: Rock, Folk-Rock
Total time: 00:55:54

 • Tracklist:

01. What's the Point? 05:42
02. 445 Braidwood Avenue 03:16
03. Ballad of Darcy Robertson 05:48
04. Over React 03:22
05. Be Aware of the Afraid... 05:59
06. Liquid Electrical Flame 04:59
07. Like It Is Said 04:48
08. On Trial 04:36
09. I Was Talking To Her 08:44

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Artist/Band: Mark Taylor
Album: Thanks To All The People...
Label: INDEPENDENT Records
Country: Trenton, Ontario, CA
Genre: Rock, Folk-Rock
Total Time: 00:47:44

 • Tracklist:

01. Black Soul Woman 02:55
02. Can't Trust A Crow 04:54
03. Too Sweet 03:30
04. Thanks To All The Peolpe 04:31
05. Grain Of Sand 03:28
06. Where The Wind Witch Resides 02:54
07. Cosmic Joke 04:13
08. Up & Down, Down & Out Blues 04:41
09. Black Cloud 05:03
10. Time Waits For No One 04:32
11. Ballad Of Ernest Webb 06:58

Mark Taylor - Guitar, Harmonica, Bass Drum, Hi-hat & Vocals
Eric Schenkman (ex. Spin Doctors) - Guitar on tracks "Too Sweet" and "Grain Of Sand"
Darcy Robertson - Lyrical Wizard

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