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Howard Werth - Six of One & Half a Dozen of the Other (1999 Luminous Records)

Artist/Band: Howard Werth
Album: Six of One & Half a Dozen of the Other
Original Recorded: Demon Records LP 1982

Ⓟ & © 1999 Luminous Records
Catalog #: LCD 002
Country: UK (United Kingdom)
Genres: Pop/Rock, Electronic
Total Length: 00:46:41

Released in 1979, 6ix of 1ne and 1/2 a Dozen of the Other is one of the most schizophrenic albums of the late '70s. Recorded with Rockpile's Billy Bremmer, the Attactions' Steve Nieve, and a host of other pub rock and new wave musicians, the set is singer/songwriter Howard Werth's attempt to walk the fine line between rootsy British rock & roll and the new wave sensibilities that were sweeping the British music scene. Standout tracks here include "4D Man," "What's Hopping," and "Individual," and covers of the Isleys' "Respectable," Doc Pomus' "Lonely Avenue," and Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightning." The Disconforme CD features stellar remastered sound and three bonus tracks: the aforementioned "Lonely Avenue" and a pair of tracks from Werth's period in Los Angeles recording for the Dangerhouse label, "Obsolete" and "Mangoman." As a point of interest, he was in L.A recording with the Doors, in keeping with Ray Manzarek's notion of re-forming the band -- which thankfully never happened -- and producing the very first singles by X (Manzarek later produced the band's debut album). This is one bizarre package, but it works in spades. - Thom Jurek

  • Tracklist:

01. Hovering 03:18
02. 4D Man 04:22
03. Individual 02:06
04. Meek Power 03:54
05. Astro Logic 03:34
06. What's Hopping? 03:42
07. Respectable 02:54
08. I Keep Forgettin' 02:32
09. Little Bitty Pretty One 02:44
10. Dancing Little Thing 02:01
11. Smokestack Lightning 03:57
12. One More Heartache 02:57
13. Show Me 2:35
  Bonus Track:
14. Obsolete 01:27
15. Mango Man 02:29
16. Lonely Avenue 02:08

   Original album recorded: Demon Records LP 1982
   Recorded at Ampro Studio London, engineer Paul Bass (Paul Riley)
   Produced by Will Birch in association with Paul Bass.
   CD mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio, Oxford.
   This compilation Ⓟ & © 1999 Luminous Records.
   CD packaging Simon Robinson at Darker Than Blue.

Howard Werth - Bass, Guitar (Nylon String), Harmonica, Tubular Bells, Vocals
Billy Bremmer, Billy Bremner, John Butler, Lu Edmonds, Paul Bass - Guitar
Carlene Carter - Vocals (Background)
Mark Chaplin - Bass Guitar
Steve Goulding, Moth Smith - Drums
Steve Nieve, Gavin Povey - Keyboards

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