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Bent Wind - Shadows on the Wall (1996 Psychedrome Records)

Artist: Bent Wind
Album: Shadows on the Wall
Label: Psychedome Records
Catalog#: 4
Release: 1996
Country: Canada
Genre: Rock, Hard-Rock
Total Time: 01:05:50

"Shadows on the Wall" - a limited edition print run of 1,000 copies, released in 1996.. The main players on this album are Marty Roth (lead vocals and 12-string guitar), Bill Miller (bass guitar and lead vocals on "Roll Over Baby"), Michael George Jones (lead guitar), and Wilson Laurencin (drums). This core group is supported by a host of other musicians, including Glen Jessamy, Stefan Janicki, Laura Dunn, Leslie Harwood-Jones, Chantal Legault, Cody Blacksky, Colleen Allen, Tortoise Blue, Mark Bajona, Robert Brockie, Roy Kenner, and Maddie Willis. The album contains 16 songs written or co-written by Marty Roth and, while not in the same garage psychedelic vein as the band's legendary Sussex album, Shadows on the Wall is nonetheless intriguing and will appeal to fans of the band's earlier works. Bent Wind -- and Marty Roth in particular -- has evolved musically since the '60s and this album contains some fine progressive-styled music as well as pop sounds that are well-suited for millennial musical tastes.

  • Side One:
A1. The River 03:55
A2. Ccylonne 04:07
A3. These Aging eyes 05:06
A4. Shefs All Right 02:35
A5. Mazutlan Blues 04:05
A6. The Chant 05:23
A7. Roll Over Baby 02:39
A8. Lonely People 04:24
  • Side Two:
B1. Bent Wind 04:00
B2. Beautiful Lady 06:36
B3. Cody's Story 02:26
B4. Come On Thunder 03:49
B5. Love Machine 03:12
B6. When I Face Tonight (Lynnspircd) 05:53
B7. Party Night 03:34
B8. Mazatlan Blues (Acoustic) 03:59

Marty Roth - Lead Vocals and 12-string Guitar
Bill Miller - Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals on "Roll Over Baby"
Michael George Jones - Lead Guitar
Wilson Laurencin - Drums

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