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Gregory Hoskins - The Beggar Heart (2007 Candy Rat Records)

Artist: Gregory Hoskins
Album: The Beggar Heart
Label: CandyRat Records
Release: 02 Aug. 2007
Country: Canada
Genre: Folk, Country
Total time: 00:39:41

The newest studio recording once again brings together Gregory Hoskins, drummer Gary Craig and bassist George Koller to pick up where The King of Good Intentions left off. Pianist Jonathan Goldsmith sits in on 4 tracks, the phenominal Serena Ryder sings smoke on Never A Stranger Kiss, Paul Reddick tarts up Stand (and lends a vocal to Beautiful Parade) and Kurt Swinghammer rounds out the guest list playing a ton of guitar on The Man I Am. The Beggar Heart is darker and has more swagger than its' predecessor, but Hoskins is ever hopeful here.

 • Tracklist:

01. Beautiful Parade 05:06
02. Baby It's Good 03:15
03. Bittersweet 03:55
04. Stand 03:37
05. Never a Stranger Kiss 04:40
06. The Devil Deals In Lies 03:21
07. 41 04:25
08. Illuminate 05:57
09. The Man I Am 05:20

Jonathan Goldsmith - Piano
Gary Craig - Drums, Percussion
Gregory Hoskins - Guitar, Vocals

George Koller - Bass
Paul Reddick - Harmonika, Vocal
Serena Ryder -  Vocals
Kurt Swinghammer - Guitar

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