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Monica Dupont - Life Goes On

Исполнитель: Monica Dupont
Альбом: Life Goes On
© & Ⓟ Copyright-ModernBlues Records Ltd.
Record Label: ModernBlues Records
Produced: Gary Novak
Год: 2008
Жанр: Blues
Формат:  MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Время звучания: 00:39:37

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 Legendary blues singer/songwriter Monica Dupont returns after a 25 year absence from music with an album of diverse and exciting modern blues; her exceptional, original songs showcase her powerful, unique vocal style and she is backed by an all star band.
Album Notes
Monica's first new recording in over 20 years, "Life Goes On" is a remarkable collection of pure blues; something old, something new, all a little bit different, each one uniquely Monica Dupont. Her ability to leap effortlessly from shuffle to boogie to pure Delta to swing and yet remain completely authentic and original is a rare and wonderful talent.
Supported by an A-list of fabulous musicians (all of whom are connected to her from the "old days" of Oakland Blues), this album makes a statement that cannot be ignored. Like a great book that one can't put down, it draws you in and holds your attention. Each song is a new style; each style is a new sound. Her voice, a voice like no other you've heard, ties it all together. Once you've heard her, you can instantly identify her forever. Make no mistake - this is NOT "more of the same old blues". This is the real deal for people who know and love the blues.

   Blues From The Heart  
Monica Dupont has the rare gift to reach the listener's soul with her deep, unique voice and her honest, *from the heart* song-delivery. Her CD *Life Goes On* spans the entire musical spectrum of the Blues - and beyond.  
The 10 songs on her album demonstrate that she is easily at home singing Jazz, Rock, Soul, Traditional and Modern Blues, without ever compromising her individuality.
Monica is also an accomplished guitarist and song-writer. Her seven compositions on this CD highlight the diverse range of styles mentioned above, never sounding cliche or resorting to the over-worked 12-bar structure.
Every track on *Life Goes On* is a stand-out, but I do have my favourites...and they're all Monica's songs, like the jazzy *Mr Cool*, the rocking *Shakin' The Sheets* and the Chicago-flavoured *When I'm Gone*.
There are surprises too - like her rendition of *Running Bear*, in which Monica succeeds in putting a totally different, but convincing meaning to the old Johnny Preston tune.  

"Life Goes On" is an album that will please music lovers of all genres and ages, because the music is sung and played *From The Heart*. I highly recommend it.
- Fred Himmelsbach
  ♪ Треклист:

1.*Checkin' Out (Single)
2. Too Much Alcohol 2:20
3. Sittin' Around 3:13
4. A Bigger Place 2:17
5. Shakin' TH Sheets 3:18
6. Running Bear 4:51
7. The Man from New Orleans 3:32
8. Some Other Girl's Dream 4:09
9. Mr. Cool 4:01
10. When I'm Gone 4:00
11. Life Goes On 4:15

  ♪ Musicians:

Monica Dupont - Art Direction, Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Nancy Lee Ericksen - Vocals (Background)
Mark Hummel - Harp
J.B. Hutto - Composer
Jimi James - Guitar
Buzzy Linhart - Vibraphone
Kenneth Nash - Percussion
Gary Novak - Bass, Digital Mastering, Drums, Engineer, Guitar,
Keyboards, Mixing, Organ, Producer, Vocals (Background)

J.P. Richardson - Composer
Ron Thompson - Guitar
Bobbie Webb - Saxophone
Mitch Woods - Piano
  Special appearance by Nancy Lee Erickson who wrote "The Stroll".

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