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Carly Simon – Never Been Gone 2009

Исполнитель: Carly Simon
Альбом: Never Been Gone
Ⓟ 2009 Carly Simon © 2010 Carly Simon. 
The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Carly Simon 
under exclusive license
to Warner Music UK Ltd.
Distributed in the. UK
by Cinram Logistics UK Ltd. 
Catalog#: LC2828.
Manufactured in the E.U.
Жанр: Pop-Rock
Формат: FLAC (track, cue + log)
Cover: JPG 300 dpi, Full Scan
Время: 00:49:24

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The new album revisits songs originally written throughout Carly's extensively long and productive career. With new largely acoustic arrangements, the CD was recorded at home on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Carly's son Benjamin Taylor was the originator of the idea and Carly willingly (though sometimes hesitatingly) complied and lived up to the dare. Carly, Benjamin and the rest of the producers, known as Paphiopedilium , chose the songs, most of which were Carly's best-known and commercially successful. In the CD's generous liner notes is an explanation not only of the word Paphiopedilium , but an explanation of the reworking of each of the songs. Carly hopes that even without these notes, the music will speak for itself.

BBC Review
There comes a time in a recording artiste’s career when they feel the need to revisit the hell out of their oeuvre. Rockers and jazzers of a certain age who, dare one say, have run out of new ideas, often go back into their old catalogue to have a look around and see what they can retool for whatever audience they have left. 
Joining the ranks of the old-school repeaters is Carly Simon. This collection of old songs, re-recorded by Simon with new arrangements (which also suit her age-changed vocal style), joins The Best of…, Greatest Hits Live, Clouds in My Coffee, Anthology: Reflections, and Carly Simon's Greatest Hits as the latest recycling of her back catalogue. Her work does lend itself well to this kind of treatment; not being a clapped-out male rocker, she has no need to sound loud, and nor is she lumping it out on the dancefloor like, say, Tom Jones. Simon’s work has always leaned towards the jazzy and, while she hasn’t done a Joni Mitchell, who recently went back to her old hits but made them smokier and bluer, she has added new layers of experience and meaning to them.
If at times the impression left is too breezy (the elephant in the career that is You’re So Vain sounds almost embarrassed to be here), at others it’s extremely potent. Coming Round Again, with a lyric that always dealt with the passing of time as well the lot of a woman, is particularly effective here. The same can’t be said of You Belong to Me. In its original incarnation, as a duet with Michael McDonald, it sounded like a funky preview of what McDonald would pen in the 1980s; but now it sounds shaky and bland, a shadow of what it was.
As an album Never Been Gone is pleasant rather than essential, and would be a nice tour souvenir. But it’s hard to imagine it bringing in new fans, or making older ones want to sit it alongside the original versions they hold dear.
                                                                                                                     ~ David Quantick

         ♪ Tracklist:

       01. The Right Thing To Do - 3:46
       02. It Happens Every Day - 4:19
       03. Never Been Gone - 2:55
       04. Boys In The Trees - 4:26
       05. Let The River Run - 3:16
       06. You're So Vain - 5:09
       07. You Belong To Me - 4:14
       08. No Freedom - 3:39
       09. That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be - 5:19
       10. Coming Around Again - 4:53
       11. Anticipation - 4:52
12. Songbird - 2:37


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