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Artist: The Clefs of Lavender Hill
Album: Stop! Get a Ticket
© 2010 Wounded Bird Records
Ⓟ 2010 Sony Music Entertainment
Release Date: May 18, 2010
Recording Date: 1965 - 1966
Type: Compilation
Genre: Pop/Rock
Формат: FLAC (img, cue)
Качество: lossless
Cover: JPG 96 dpi, Full Scan
Time: 00:38:16

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  The Clefs of Lavender Hill are an obscure mid-60s Florida four-piece built around the brother and sister guitar/vocal team of Travis and Coventry Fairchild (born Joseph and Lorraine Ximenes) and the rhythm section of Bill (bass) and Fred (drums) Moss. The B-side of their first single, “Stop! Get a Ticket,” has long been a favorite of the garage-folk crowd, having appeared on the box set reissue of Nuggets, as well as Rock Artifacts 3. Little was known about the band, though singles collectors managed to document four singles released on Date records between 1965 and 1967. Rumors persisted about a full album that had been shelved after recording in 1966, and now forty-four years later, Wounded Bird has unearthed the eleven album tracks in terrific full-fidelity stereo, as well as a non-LP single and two additional mixes (one stereo, one mono) of “Stop! Get a Ticket.” Whew!
The band’s rock ‘n’ roll roots were stoked by the British Invasion, evident not only in covers of the Beatles (“It Won’t Be Long”), Rolling Stones (“Play With Fire”), Donovan (“Sunshine Superman”), but also in the Zombies-styled original “One More Time.” The group conjured a folk-rock sound on “You Don’t Notice” and “First Tell Me Why” that nodded to the harmonies of San Francisco’s Autumn Records and Jefferson Airplane. The Fairchild’s originals are excellent, and their dramatic take on “Play with Fire,” with Coventry Fairchild singing lead, is even more seething than the Stones’ original; their cover of “New Orleans” amplifies the party vibe of Gary U.S. Bonds’ hit with dynamic bass and drums and a hot guitar substituting for the original’s sax.
 This is a terrific find that greatly expands on the band’s one well-anthologized track and four difficult-to-find 45s. The four-panel booklet includes vintage photos but – incredibly – no liner notes. Given the band’s obscurity, Wounded Bird should have stepped up and hired someone to write at least a cursory band biography, if not track down the members for contemporary interviews. The original mono mixes of the band’s four singles would have been a nice addition to the stereo album tracks, but it’s hard to complain too loudly given the quality of the album masters. What’s here is truly great, but what could have been here would have (and should have) been definitive.

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     Т реклист:

1. New Orleans (Frank Guida, Joseph Royster) - 2:29
2. You Don't Notice (Travis Fairchild) - 2:32
3. Sunshine Superman (Donovan Leitch) - 2:59
4. Play With Fire (M. Jagger, K. Richards, C. Watts, B. Jones, B. Wyman) - 2:21
5. So I'll Try (Travis Fairchild) - 2:14
6. It Won't Be Long (J. Lennon, P. McCartney) 2:02
7. One More Time (Travis Fairchild) - 2:36
8. Bang Bang (Sonny Bono) - 2:53
9. Will You Go Away (Travis Fairchild) - 3:15
10.First Tell Me Why (Travis Fairchild, Coventry Fairchild) - 2:15
11.Stop! Get a Ticket (Travis Fairchild, Coventry Fairchild) - 2:22
12.Gimme One Good Reason Gimme One Good Reason (Travis Fairchild) - 2:07
13.Oh, Say My Love (with Travis & Coventry) (Travis Fairchild) - 2:54
14.Stop! Get a Ticket (Mono Single Version) (Travis Fairchild, Coventry Fairchild) - 2:25
15.Stop! Get a Ticket (Stereo Single Version) (Travis Fairchild, Coventry Fairchild) - 2:27

Tracks 1-11: Previously unreleased stereo mix. Album selection # was going to be Date TES 4002 
Tracks 1-9: Originally recorded 1966 Date Records, produced by John Simon
Tracks 10-11: Originally recorded 1965 Date Records, produced by Steven Palmer 
Tracks 12-13 (Mono): Originally released as Date 7 single 2-1567 in 1967. produced by John Simon 
Track 14 (Mono): Originally released on Date 7" single 2-1510 in 1966. produced by Steven Palmer 
Track 15: Originally recorded 1966 Date Records, previously released on Nuggets. Original Artyfacts
  From The First Psychedelic Era (1965-1968) (Rhino Entertainment)

                    Band Members:

                   Joseph Ximenes - Vocals, Guitar (Travis Fairchild)
                   Lorraine Ximenes - Vocals, Guitar  (Coventry Fairchild)
                   Bill Moss - Bass (1966-67)
                   Fred Moss  - Drums (1966-67)
                   Frank Milone  - Bass (1967-68) (As Travis & Coventry)
                   Steve Zaricki  - Drums (1967-68) (As Travis & Coventry)

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