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Willow - Branching Out 1974 20th Century Records

Band/Artist: Willow
Album: Branching Out
Label: 20th Century Records
Catalog#: T-450
Format: Vinyl, LP Album
Country: US
Released: 1974
Genre: Folk, World, & Country, Rock
Total Time: 00:38:34

Willow’s sophomore album, Branching Out, released in 1974, is a perfect advertisment for the glory of collecting vinyl. This is simply an album you would almost certainly never hear about, never listen to, and never find if you did not dig in the crates. The reason is that Willow, like so many countless bands from the Sixties through the Eighties (but especially the Seventies) has never had its catalog released in any other musical format. And that is both a crime and a selfish delight".
A lot of people have an instant aversion to “soft rock.” Most imagine insipid lyrics, watery harmonies and bland musical arrangements. That couldn’t be further from the case with Branching Out which, as its name indicates, is a musical step forward for the trio in lyrics, texture and engineering quality. The album alternates between high tempo Byrds-inspired folk rock on tracks like “No Sweat” and “Taking Life Easy” and intricately arranged string-laced ballads such as “Thinking of You” and “All My Life” that possess a memorably aching, poignant beauty.

Willow was an early to mid '70's Bay Area acoustic folk rock band that made two albums with 20th Century Fox. Their music has been described as "an amalgam of CSNY and America. Great harmonies and fluid acoustic guitars deliver strong songs." The album was also described as "melodic rural rock with middle of the road songwriting". The music is comparable to early '70's British bands like Lindisfarne, and McGuinness Flint, although with a more West Coast "poppy" sound. Willow's s/t album can be found @ http://akashaman.blogspot.com/2008/03/willow-73-debut.html Any more info on Willow's band members would be greatly appreciated. Has anybody got a full credits list for "Branching Out", and were any of the band members involved in any other music projects? For music in a similar vein, check out Blue's underrated "Life In The Navy" album.

 • Side One:
A1. No Sweat 03:43
A2 Lay Like A Lady 02:57
A3 Mystery Man 02:39
A4 Loaves And Fishes 03:06
A5 Thinking Of You 02:44
A6 Lightning (Creepy One) 03:27
 • Side Two:
B1. Rum And Sunshine 03:24
B2 Elizabeth 03:13
B3 Me And The Misses 02:43
B4 Taking Life Easy 03:27
B5 All My Life 03:46
B6 Land Army Lady 03:18
  Barry & William  (Bonus)
01. God Bless You - God Help Me 03:26
02. Man on a Mission 02:16
03. Take it up With Jesus 03:39
04. At Least I'm Free 03:08
05. Miles away 02:22
06. Davy Boy 03:33
07. Man's Best Friend 03:30

Barry Fitzgerald - Lead Vocals
William McSweeney - Lead Vocals
Kevin Dolan - Lead Vocals

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