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The Cornbread - The Cornbread (1971 Mega Records)

Artist: The Cornbread
Mega Records
Classic Rock
Total Time:

“Heavy guitar bluesy rural rock.” (Acid Archives)
Hot damn! Another new album by another new group. And where did they get that name? Well, The Cornbread. like all (musical) gourmet treats, is the product of a time tested and recipe, theirs. The basic ingredients are soul mixed with blues, and the spice of down-home country blended with the group’s tears on the road “payin’ it’s dues.”
The Cornbread’s staff of life is it’s rather large and impressive co-leader, R.C. Gamble (dig his likeness on the cover.) Gambles’s specialties are organ, sax, guitar and trumpet, plus writing out-of-sight compositions like “Payin’ My Dues” and seven other goodies in this package.
Co-leader number two is Bobby Don, the dynamic lead singer and front man. Backing up Gamble and Don are Jim King on guitar, trombone, drums and organ; Donnie Tanksleary on drums, bass and brass; and Tom Dowty on bass and valve trombone. Hey! It’s time to stop reading the who-what-when-where of The Cornbread and begin grooving with it’s unique sound and the heavy, heavy lyrics of gamble’s songs.

  • Tacklist:

01. Payin’ My Dues 02:38
02. Mama’s Cookin’ Cornbred 03:26
03. Across The Frozen Ground 05:55
04. Day Tripper 03:19
05. Turn On Your Love Light 03:15
06. Keep Your Head Up 02:43
07. Keep On Bawlin 03:10
08. In My Valley 05:15
09. Harley Street 02:44
10. Blessed Be The Name Of Charley Jones 03:14

Bobby Don - Lead Singer & Front man
Gamble and Don - Backing Vocal
Tom Dowty - Bass and Valve Trombone
Jim King - Guitar, Trombone, Organ
Donnie Tanksleary - Drums

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