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The Tractors (US) - Tractors - 1994

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Дебютник The Tractors с одноимённым названием дважды стал мульти - платиновым (RIAA) и дважды платиновым (CRIA).
Стив Рипли (Steve Ripley) единственный постоянный участник группы, остальные музыканты разошлись по разным коллективам, однако собирались вместе, чтобы дать концерт или записать новый альбом.

The Tractors is an American country rock band composed of a loosely associated group of musicians, headed by guitarist Steve Ripley. Under the band's original lineup, The Tractors was signed to Arista Records in 1994, releasing their self-titled debut album that year; the album went on to become the top-selling album of 1994, even though it only produced one Top 40 hit on the Billboard country charts. To date, the band has followed up with five more albums.
Since their foundation, most of the band's original members have moved on to separate projects, although they often collaborate with frontman Ripley on The Tractors' more recent recordings. Ripley is the only official member of the group; he has stated that The Tractors is more of a "state of mind", and the band contains a largely undefined cast of unofficial contributors.


Steve Ripley - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Lead Vocals
Walt Richmond - Steinway Piano, Hammond B3 Organ, 
Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Accordion, Bass Vocals
Ron Getman - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Dobro, 
Steel Guitar, Lap Steel, Mandolin, Harmony Vocals
Casey Van Beek - Fender Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Jamie Oldaker - Drums & Percussion
Bud Deal - Tenor Saxophone
Mike Panno - Baritone & Tenor Saxophones

Lead singer Steve Ripley has a rough, rustic voice that has its limitations but is very distinctive, so it's the kind of voice you love or hate. Whatever you think of Steve's voice, what really makes this album is the outstanding quality of the songs and the musicians. As well as singing, Steve also plays guitars and drums. Three of the four other members of the Tractors are multi-instrumentalists so even within the group there are plenty of instruments that they can choose to use. Even so, various guest musicians join in on selected tracks.
The album is book-ended by The Tulsa shuffle, featuring Bonnie Raitt (slide guitar) and J J Cale (guitar) among guest musicians. Two verses sandwiched by the chorus open the album and a different two verses sandwiched by the chorus close the album - the closing track is titled The Tulsa shuffle (revisited). Taken as a whole, the song mentions many types of music but makes clear where the group's roots and influences come from - a mix of western swing and rock'n'roll. The album includes covers of Thirty days (Chuck Berry) and Setting the woods on fire (Hank Williams) but all the other songs are originals.
Between the two halves of that song are many other wonderful songs, some of which are lightweight fun songs but others have a serious message, especially Little man, which pokes fun at bankers, taxmen and politicians, inviting them to see a different side of life in the hope that they would understand the problems of people less fortunate than themselves. Nevertheless, this is mostly a fun album. Highlights among the other songs include I've had enough, Baby likes to rock it, Falling apart and Trying to get to New Orleans.
There are plenty of great songs here although you are not meant to take most of them too seriously. If you are looking for sad, heartbreaking songs, you won't find them here. If you want good-time country music, you'll get plenty here.

The Tractors были сформированы в 1988 году. Все пять членов, ранее играли приглашенными музыкантами с такими знаменитостями как Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, и Leonard Cohen. Oldaker также работал с Bob Seger и Eric Clapton. В 1990 в Nashville, Теннеси группа подписала контракт на запись с Arista. В 1994 году группа выпустила свой дебютный альбом с синглом "Baby Likes to Rock It" вскоре The Tractors стал самым быстро продаваемый дебютный альбом в стране в 1994 году. Все последующие альбомы The Tractors 95, 98, 01, 02, 05 не смогли повторить успех дебютника. После "Farmers in a Changing World" их третьего альбом 1998 года участники группы разбрелись по разным коллективам но продолжали поддерживать связь со Стивом, и принимали гостевое участие в последующих релизах The Tractors. Ripley пытался с другими музыкантами записываться на Audium Entertainment, но это тоже не изменило картину, и Steve Ripley и The Tractors покинули Audium Entertainment. Steve Ripley организовал собственный лейбл "Boy Rocking Records".

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Группа: Tractors (US)
Альбом: The Tractors
Ⓟ & © 1994 Arisfo Records Inc.,
a Bertelsnann Music Group Company,
6 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.
All riqhts reserved. Unaulhonzed duplication
is aviolation of applicable taws.

Printed in U.S.A.
Страна: Oklahoma, USA
Стиль: Country, Rock & Roll
Формат: APE (cue + log)
Качество: lossless
Cover: JPG, 200 dpi - Full Scan
Время звучания: 00:47:12


01. The Tulsa Shuffle - 03:53
02. Fallin' Apart - 03:47
03. Thirty Days - 02:43
04. I've Had Enough - 03:10
05. The Little Man - 05:44
06. Baby Likes To Rock It - 03:56
07. Badly Bent - 03:01
08. The Blue Collar Rock - 04:33
09. Doreen - 02:27
10. Settin' The Woods On Fire - 02:54
11. Tryin' To Get To New Orleans - 04:33
12. he Tulsa Shuffle (Revisited) - 06:11

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