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Tomorrow Belongs To Me

Band: SAHB
Tomorrow Belongs To Me
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A PolyGram Company
UK, Scotland
Glam Rock, Shock Rock
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  Review allmusic.com
 By the time they recorded Tomorrow Belongs To Me, the Sensational Alex Harvey Band had perfected a totally unique trademark sound, an audacious and often surreal witches' brew of heavy metal thunder, glam artsiness, prog complexity, and all sorts of left-field cabaret and big-band elements. This album does not break any new ground for this oddball synthesis, but it is a solid and high-powered outing that will please anyone who enjoyed Framed or The Impossible Dream. Highlights include "Snake Bite," which sets a saucy tone with a sleazy hard-rock riff then adds all sorts of funky keyboard shadings for further spice and "The Tale Of The Giant Stoneeater" a slice of surreal mythology whose backing track sounds like the hard rock version of a Godzilla movie soundtrack. Unfortunately, other tracks find the Sensational Alex Harvey Band slipping into complacency: "Soul In Chains" wraps a tired, cabaret-inflected tune around a surprisingly cliched lyric about romance gone bad and "Ribs And Balls" is a short throwaway that wastes a worthwhile riff. Despite these occasional lapses, the majority of Tomorrow Belongs To Me holds up well and offers plenty of solid tunes: "Give My Compliments To The Chef" is a complex, atmospheric mood piece with surreal lyrics about social breakdown that became a concert favorite and the group's surprisingly straight-forward take on the title track has a twisted yet heartfelt sense of grandeur. In short, Tomorrow Belongs To Me won't win the Sensational Alex Harvey Band any new fans but makes a worthwhile (if unextraordinary) addition to any fan's Harvey collection.   
                                                                                                                          ~  Donald A. Guarisco
 Review by marcelrecords Jul 21, 2010
A clear step forward for the SAHB, this album is the best they made so far. The theatrical vocals of Harvey finally find their surroundings adequately dramatic to not sound overdone. The fine opening cut throws dark and decadent stage-rock at the listener, but ends wholly unexpectedly with balkanized folk-rock. Muscular rock on Snake bite (administered by a lady, of course) keeps the record going, although Soul in chains sounds common by comparison. The heart of this side certainly is the Giant Stone Eater, every inch as demented as the title would suggest. SAHB flies though an array of styles and moods that knows no boundaries. Stormy strings appear, a hint of Peter Gabriel (as in early Genesis) even pops up. Or is it Arthur Brown, or even Peter Hammill? Top-notch! The other side knocks off quite convincingly too. Give my compliments to the chef is complicated almost-hard-rock with theatrical interceptions and another bite-lyric on Sharks teeth is clad in swinging funk with, again, a contrasting middle-piece boasting clarinet, good-time leanings and the sea-shore. The rest is, though certainly acceptable, not of the same class, but that shouldn't detain you from enjoying it.
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1. Action Strasse - 3:12
 (Alex Harvey/Alistair Cleminson/Hugh McKenna)
2. Snake Bite  - 3:54
 (Alex Harvey)
3. Soul In Chains - 3:50
 (Alex Harvey/Alistair Cleminson/David Batchelor/Hugh McKenna)
4. The Tale Of The Giant Stoneater - 7:16
 (Alex Harvey/Hugh McKenna)
5. Ribs And Balls - 1:33
 (Alex Harvey/Chris Glen)
6. Give My Compliments To The Chef - 5:32
 (Alex Harvey/Alistair Cleminson/Hugh McKenna)
7. Sharks Teeth - 4:53
 (Alex Harvey/Alistair Cleminson)
8. Shake That Thing  - 4:06
 (Alex Harvey)
9. Tomorrow Belongs To Me - 3:44
 (Fred Ebb/John Kander)
10. To Be Continued - 0:51
 (Alex Harvey/Alistair Cleminson)

Track: 1-8+10 PolyGram Songs Musikverlag GmbH
Track: 9 Eiger Music / Panache Music Ltd.
A Mountain Records

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