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SAHB (Without Alex) - Fourplay 1977 

Группа: SAHB (Without Alex)
Альбом: Fourplay
Mountain, Ⓟ 1977 EMI
Records Ltd.
All Rights of the Manufacturer and of
The Owner of theRecorded Work Reserved
Unauthorised Public Performance
Broadcasting and Copying of
this Record Prohibited.

Made in GT. Britain.
Жанр: Hard Rock, Glam Rock
Время звучания: 00:42:09
Формат: MP3 (Vinyl Rip)
Качество: CBR 320 kbps

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 Fourplay - восьмой альбом группы The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, первый без Алекса Харви... Нет, он был жив, но проблемы с позвоночником (усугублявшиеся физически тяжёлой работой фронтмена на сцене) вынудили его в 1977 году объявить об уходе из группы. Альбом Fourplay группа записала и выпустила без него; он же в это же время записал сольник Alex Harvey Presents: The Loch Ness Monster (Лох-Несское чудовище). Группа же выступает на этом альбоме под названием SAHB (Without Alex), и это правильно - какая же сенсационная группа Алекса Харви без Алекса Харви? Тем более, что ничего особо сенсационного на этом альбоме нет. Да, сделано добротно, с неплохой мелодикой, но нет того сумасшествия, нет шока, какие были с Алексом. Качество рипа с пластинки - очень хорошее.

Fourplay is the eighth album by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and it was the first album to be made without Alex Harvey. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band were titled as "SAHB (Without Alex)" on the album cover. Alex Harvey was producing another album called Alex Harvey Presents: The Loch Ness Monster. Fourplay was originally released in 1977 on vinyl and cassette, a few bootleg copies were produced which is the only CD release that the album saw, (tracks were included on the main SAHB album CD issues on the Samurai label as bonus tracks) considered by some SAHB fans as next to impossible to find. Even though Alex Harvey is not on the album, he is pictured on the back tied up with string and gagged behind a huge case with "The Sensational Alex Harvey Band" written on it, while in the background the other four members appear to be singing into a microphone, facing away from Alex. This, obviously, relating to the "Without Alex" part of the album.

"I'll always be with them. They're my boys. Maybe I'll be doing other things, but I'll always be involved." With those words, Alex Harvey announced that he was departing the Sensational... Band that had borne his name for six years, and giving notice of their own next project, an album and tour under the ungainly name of SAHB Without Alex. Unfortunately, he was also opening the door to SAHB Without Many Good Ideas. Previewed by a single, "Pick It Up and Kick It"/"Smouldering" - the two tracks with which the band made its U.K. TV debut on the Old Grey Whistle Test in January 1977 - SAHB (WA)'s one and only album was solid, workmanlike, a little bit rocky, a little bit funky - and absolutely nothing like anything they'd ever accomplished with Harvey. No magic, no moonlight, no comic book interludes, it was simply one turgid stomp after another until, like Mott without Hunter or the Spiders without Bowie, Fourplay left one with nothing more than the nightmarish vision of a headless chicken dancing to a hard rocking death rattle. Less than eight months later, Harvey came back. They were his boys. He had to get involved again. 
                                                                                                                         ~ Dave Thompson

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01. Smouldering - 5:30
(Hugh McKenna, Chris Glen)
02. Chase It Into The Night - 5:29
(Hugh McKenna, Zal Cleminson)
03. Shake Your Way To Heaven - 5:10
04. Outer Boogie - 5:00
(Ted McKenna, Hugh McKenna, Cleminson, Glen)
05. Big Boy - 4:55
06. Pick It Up And Kick It - 4:25
(Hugh McKenna, Clemison)
07. Love You For A Lifetime - 5:08
(Hugh McKenna)
08. Too Much American Pie - 6:14
(Ted McKenna, Hugh McKenna, Cleminson, Glen)

    ♪ Personnel:

Hugh McKenna  - keyboards, lead vocals
Alistair "Zal" Cleminson - guitars, lead vocals (05)
Christopher "Chris" Glen - bass
Edward "Ted" McKenna  - drums, percussion, lead vocals (04)
John Punter  - producer

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