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Brian Parrish - Love On My Mind (1976 BARN Records ltd.)

Artist: Brian Parrish
Album: Love On My Mind
℗ & © 1976 BARN Records ltd.
Produzido e distribuido Pela Cia.
1977 Phonogram, Brasileira de Discos
Catalog#: 2314101
Format: Vinyl, LP Album
Country: UK
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop Rock
Total Time: 00:41:58

Брайен Пэрриш начал карьеру музыканта в начале 60-х в Гамбургском "Star Club", где прошёл отличную школу мастерства у таких звёзд, как Гена Винсент и Джерри Ли Льюис. Брайен учавствовал в многочисленных сессиях "Paice Ashton Lord", "Medicine Head" (под предводительством Тони Эштона) и, даже "Муди Блюз". После роспуска проекта "Пэрриш - Гурвиц" он присоединился к "Badger" c Тони Кеем, Роем Диком и Дэвидом Фостером. В 1976 Пэрриш выпустил прекрасный сольный альбом "Love On My Mind" заручившись помощью и поддержкой Эрика Бардона.

Brian Parrish seems to have spent a large part of his recording career basking in the reflected glory of others, whether it be an early association with ex-Beatle producer George Martin, or from time spent under the guidance of Yes manager, Brian Lane.
Born in July 1947, in Seven Kings, Essex, Brian picked up his first guitar at the age of 11. He had a few lessons, but is basically self-taught. Both his father and grandfather are professional singers, so it follows that Brian's determination stayed with him throughout his school days, during the latter part of which he describes himself as being "a freak, a court jester", he would finish school for the day, would go home followed by his friends, pick up his guitar and sing Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran songs all night. Fed up with providing free entertainment, he decided to change his image. He went to get a haircut. His hairdresser happened to mention that he played guitar, and before he knew it, they were forming a band which subsequently stayed together for 5 years - a large part of which was spent on the Continent playing at American service bases.
Following his departure from the band in 1968, Brian spent some time concentrating on writing and production, in fact, a couple of his songs were recorded by Johnnie Halliday and Mike and Bernie Winters.
A duo formed about a year later with a friend, Paul Gurvitz, now with Ginger Baker, and an album under the direction of George Martin was released in 1971 through EMI. The band, now consisting of five members went to the States early in 1972 for a two-month tour, on which they supported Seals And Croft and B.J. Thomas among others. The band went down well, but Brian recalls the highlight of the tour being Elvis Presley and Bill Cosby concerts they were able to catch!
Shortly after the band's return to England, and in the midst of management hassles, two members were made an offer by Peter Frampton, which they didn't hesitate in accepting.
And Brian? Well, he joined forces with ex-Yes keyboard player, Tony Kaye, Roy Dyke on drums and David Foster on bass. They called themselves Badger, obtained a management deal with Brian Lane, and went on tour with Yes. Their album, which was produced with assistance from Jon Anderson, was recorded live at the Rainbow, and quickly shot into the Billboard chart at No. 80.
Brian left shortly after to pursue a solo career. Now he has the distinction of having written, produced and performed the first single to be released on Chas Chandler's Barn Label. Brian's debut album will be coming soon.

Side One:
A1. Love On My Mind 04:03
A2. Another Lover 03:10
A3. Lazy Love 05:22
A4. I Got A Feeling 04:30
A5. Freedom Train 03:43
Side Two:
B1. Pretty Thing 04:04
B2. When Midnight Comes Around 05:06
B3. I Got A Feeling 03:07
B4. Sit Down 03:43
B5. Shine Your Light 05:07

Brian Parrish - Guitar, Vocals
Brian Chatton,  Pete Wingfield - Keyboards
Jerome Rimson - Bass Guitar
Peter Van Hooke - Drums
Executive Producer – Tone Garland
Arranged By – Brian Parrish

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