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The Visitors No Sign Of Intelligent Life 1981

Performer: The Visitors
Album: No Sign Of Intelligent Life
1981 Paradigm / Airstrip Records
Catalog#: PA 0004 
Country: US 
Genre: Rock, Pop-Rock
Total Time: 00:28:59

On their 1981 platter, No Sign of Intelligent Life, The Visitors are so decade-centric they literally invite us to "Enter the Eighties."  And even though these Bay Area bad boys play music that's more quintessential of their era than actually essential, there is sort of a rush to that introductory number, which flirts with some mighty tasty power pop and wave maneuvers.  Not sophisticated or frilly enough for the new romantic set, and way too innocuous for Reagan-era punks, The Visitors settle on a basic modern rock formula with mainstream leanings, albeit a little too jovial and goofy for their own good at times.  With such a ubiquitous moniker, finding any pertinent biographical info on this bunch is a considerable challenge.


        1. Enter The Eighties 03:30
        2. Magic 03:06
        3. Looking For Love 03:14
        4. The Man With The X-Ray Eyes 02:32
        5. The Test Of Time 01:50
        6. How Do People Fall In Love 02:00
        7. She's My Girlfriend 02:30
        8. I Like To Steal 02:52
        9. (I Love My) Rock And Roll Reco 02:48
       10. No Sign Of Intelligent Life 01:40
       11. I Know 02:52

Bass, Backing Vocals – Hillary Stench 
Drums, Backing Vocals – John Moffa 
Guitar, Lead Vocals – Russ Golub 
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Harry Mello 
Producer – Stuart Jacob Glasser

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