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Performer: Natural Child
Album: For The Love Of The Game
Country: NASHVILLE, Tennessee, UnSt.
Ⓟ & © 2012 Burger Records
Catalog#: BRGR180
Genre: Alt-Country, Rock, Psychedelic
Total Time: 00:36:51

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 December 2012 is not the end of the world but is in fact when Keith Richards is gonna tell the world that the Rolling Stones are stepping down and Natural Child is the new best band in the world.
 Bluesy garage rock'n Nashville natives, Natural Child are back with their sophomore release on their own label Natural Child Music. The LP will be distributed through Burger Records on April 20. Limited to 500 copies! 150 Blood Red-Vinyl, 350 Black. If that still isn't enough they have plans for 2 other releases this year! "Bodyswitchers", under Burger Records, which is a reissue of their cassette originally released by Infinity Cat. Plus, a 3rd release entitled "Hard In Heaven", which will be released “before the world ends in 2012."
  Wes and Zack used to play in a band called Kintaro. Wes was in Meemaw with Daniel Pujol and Jessica from Heavy Cream. Seth was in a band called The Horribly Wrong.
 Natural Child has played with these rad bands: Tours with Strange Boys, played some shows with the Black Lips and toured with Hunx and His Punx and Liquor Store. 

          ♪  Tracklist:

        01. 8AM Blues 3:12
        02. She Got A Mind 4:15
        03. Baby 2:08
        04. That’s How I Got To Memphis 3:23
        05. Hey Little Girl 5:11
        06. No One Writes Sad Songs Anymore 3:59
        07. D.T.V. 4:25
        08. Paradise Heights 3:14
        09. Faces Of Death Blues 2:54
        10. Ain’t Gonna Stop 3:38

Band Members:
Wes "Wes" Traylor - bass, vocals
Seth "Murph" Murray - guitar, vocals
Zack "Marv" Martin - drums

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