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Clemens Vande Ven - Compilation

Clemens Vande Ven / Compilation

Жанр: BluesСтрана: Holland
Год издания: 1999-2007
Аудиокодек: MP3 @ 192-320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:40:46

Клеменс ван де Вен родился в небольшом городке на востоке Голландии в 1950 году, как младший сын в трудолюбивой семье пекарей. Он начал играть на фортепиано в раннем возрасте. После изучения философии в университете Неймегена, Клеменс упаковал мешок и стал тем, кем он действительно хотел быть: музыкант с настроением "путешествий маньяка". Его музыка раскрывает различные страсти культур и основана на традиционных Ритм & Блюз. Его рычащий голос напоминает Хаулин Вулфа и Тома Уэйтса, и его музыка в том же духе с песнями, которые изображают жизнь после полуночи.
01 - City of Joy
02 - Ticket to Paradise
03 - Lazy Lady
04 - Life is for the Living
05 - Such a Night (Live in Austria)
6 - Sexy Lady
07 - Heart of Gold
08 - Thank You Girl
09 - It's a rainy da
10 - Modern Times

Как такового этого альбома не существует. 
Да и исполнитель очень редко встречается.
Эту подборку из 10 композиций собрал по песенке в инете.

Clemens van de Ven - piano, vocals
Clemens van de Ven (1950) plays his music the same way he lives and loves life…straightforward and passionately. His talent is as unique as his career.
He is a completely self-taught musician, who started playing the piano at the age of seven.
He studied philosophy at the university of Nijmegen and after his graduation, he packed his bag and finally became what he really wanted to be…a music-minded travelmaniac! Clemens has seen every corner of the world and absorbed all the different influences and impressions. His songs reveal all these different cultures, but the backbone of his music is still straightforward Rhythm ‘n Blues. He turns every night into “Such a Night”, one of the key songs on his repertoire.. His powerful pianobeat and his charismatic vocals have turned many a gig into a party, with Clemens giving the audience all he’s got. Because that’s the essence of his playing….all the way and straight from the heart!

Arend Bouwmeester - sax, percussion, vocals
Arend is a dedicated musician, with an enthusiastic stage presence and a powerful, lyrical approach.
A man of ideas, improvisor, initiator and arranger.
With VandeVen, he plays tenor- and baritone sax and percussion, but he masters many more instruments.
Arend was brought up with New Orleans style music and started playing actively at a very early age.
He developed a highly personal style, incorporating and blending the various musical styles that can be found in the New Orleans musical tradition. He has played with practically everybody that means something in the Dutch rock scene, including Arthur Ebeling, The Bob Color and Louisiana Radio. As a studio-musician, he has contributed to many recording sessions.

Harry Hardholt - guitar, vocals
Harry Hardholt is one of Hollands’ best known guitar-players.
He’s been a professional musician all his life and has been on stage for over 30 years!
He was a key figure in several Dutch top acts in the 80’s and 90’s and scored hits with bands like The Houseband and Solution.
As bandleader of Jango Edwards, he has toured extensively all over the world.
Playing live is still what Harry loves best, because “that’s where the true heart of rock ‘n roll can be found!”

Sin Banovic - drums, vocals
Sin Banovic, like no other, lays down those beats that, together with Clemens’ left hand, create the backbone of Vandeven’s authentic groove.
He’s a highly experienced musician, who has collaborated with a wide array of artists and musicians and is always open to different music styles, Sin brings these qualities together in his playing, never overplaying it or losing the momentum of creating music together with the band.


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