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Pollution - I (1971 Prophesy Records) 

Artist: Pollution
Album: Pollution I
Label: Prophesy Records
Catalog#: SD 6051
Format: Vinyl, LP, Unipak Gatefold
Country: US
Released: 1971
Genre: Funk / Soul, Rock
Duration: 00:38:21

Pollution was the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter James Quill Smith (aka Smitty), who appears to have organized the band and wrote a good deal of the songs they recorded. With most of the rest of their material written by other members of the group. On Pollution I, the band consisted of Dobie Gray (Percussion & Vocals), Ronnie Barron (Piano), Terry Furlong (Guitar), Jerry Jumonville (Saxophone), Dennis Kenmore (Percussion & Background Vocals), John Lambert (Bass & Vocals), Richard Lewis (Trumpet, Keyboards & Background Vocals), Christiaan Mostert (Flute, Keyboards, Saxophone & Background Vocals), James Quill Smith (Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals), Tata Vega (Percussion & Vocals), and Mike Reiley (Background Vocals). The lineup changed somewhat for Pollution II, most notably Dobie Gray was absent, but I don't have the full lineup for that one.
The band was managed by Max Baer Jr., son of the onetime World Heavyweight champion and the actor who played Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies. This didn't appear to help their career as much as one might expect since, by all accounts, he was a lousy manager. He did better as a movie producer having put out some profitable gems like Macon County Line & Ode to Billie Joe.
James Quill Smith still performs and has a recent CD. Vocalists Dobie Gray (who appears on the 1st but not the 2nd of these) and Tata Vega (who appears on both) both went on to productive careers that continue to this day, and at least some of the other band members are still playing music as well. Pianist Ronnie Barron, in addition to his musical efforts, also went on to play the sleazy bartender in Steven Seagal's Above the Law.
Prophesy Records, which issued both of these albumes, was distributed by Atlantic that only had a few releases including a couple Kraut rock bands, a Clifton Chenier album & Quincy Jones' soundtrack for The Hot Rock--odd selection to say the least.

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  Side One:

A1. Travelin' High (With The Lord) 03:19
Congas – Joe Lalo*
Piano – Right Reverend Ether*
Written-By – Christiaan Mostert*, John Sargent

A2. This Feelin' Won't Last Long 03:45
Piano – Right Reverend Ether*
Synthesizer – Paul Lewinthal
Written-By – James Quill Smith

A3. Ballad Of A Well Known Gun 04:39
Congas – Joe Lalo*
Written-By – Elton John & Bernie Taupin

A4. Do You Really Have A Heart 03:26
Written-By – Paul Williams, Rodger Nichols*

A5. Dry Dream 03:41
Written-By – Christiaan Mostert*, James Quill Smith

 • Side Two:
B1. Underdog 03:55
Written-By – Sylvester Stewart
B2. River 04:17
Written-By – James Quill Smith

B3. Lo And Behold 03:46
Written-By – James Taylor

B4. Mother Earth 06:59
Written-By – Lewis Simpkin*, Peter Chatman

    © 1971 Atlantic Recording Corporation.
Recorded in Los Angeles at Paramount Recording Studios.
   Special Thanks to Marshal Brevetz & Wiley Brooks.
   Chicken Courtesy of the Los Angeles County Museum
   of Science & Industry (Returned in good health after photo session)

Bass, Backing Vocals – John Lambert
Choir –
Church Of What's Happening Now Choir, The
Percussion, Backing Vocals –
Dennis Kenmore
Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards, Backing Vocals –
Christiaan Mostert*
Trumpet, Keyboards, Backing Vocals –
Richard Lewis
Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals –
James Quill Smith
Lead Vocals, Percussion –
Dobie Gray, Tata*
Choir (Leader) –
Sister Tata*

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