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Jim Capaldi 
Dear Mr Fantasy: The Jim Capaldi Story (4CD Box Set) 2011
Universal Music / Island Records
Rip by ALLexxess

Performer: Jim Capaldi
Box: Dear Mr Fantasy: The Jim Capaldi Story
(4CD Box Set Universal Music / Island Records)
This compilation Ⓟ & © 2011Universal-Island Records Ltd.
Universal Music Catalogue / Island Records

Catalog Box: 5333997 Made in the EU
Genre / Style: Rock / Soft Rock / Classic Rock
Format: FLAC (img + *cue / *cue with ISRC + log, AccurateRip)
BitRate: lossless
Covers: format PNG 300dpi, full scans
Total Time: 05:11:12

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Universal Press Release Date
Jim Capaldi’s story is one of the last great unexplored tales in popular music. The co-founder, drummer and lyricist of the legendary Traffic, Capaldi was one of the most significant, and possibly underrated, songwriters of our generation. He was a five time winner of BMI or ASCAP awards for most played compositions in America. His work in Traffic, alongside Steve Winwood, Chris Wood and Dave Mason, fuelled a 10 album multi-platinum career for the band and provided a benchmark for other musicians. In 2004, Traffic was inducted into the Rock’n & Roll Hall Of Fame. But Traffic, although hugely significant, is only part of the story. Jim Capaldi also enjoyed a thirty year solo career and also worked with many other artists. With his gentlemanly demeanour and his embrace of music from all around the world, Capaldi was a true innovator throughout his five decades in rock. Dear Mr Fantasy tells his story through 61 hand-selected tracks. It provides a superb four-CD overview of the enigmatic vocalist and drummer. Packed with rare photos and essays from writers Andrew Male and Pierre Perrone, it follows his tale from the beat group The Hellions in 1965 through the formation of Traffic and its many incarnations. It features material from his time as a successful solo artist on Island, Polydor, Carerre and Warners throughout the 80s. Capaldi also recorded with many rock greats - from Eric Clapton, to Steve Winwood and George Harrison, and this work is included on Dear Mr Fantasy. Yet Capaldi’s tale, like many of his recordings, is hidden. He is known for ‘being there’ but many admirers know little more. This beautiful set, overseen by Aninha Capaldi is a musical journey like no other. From the streets of the West Midlands to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Dear Mr Fantasy is a remarkable overview of a remarkable man. Including home demos, the fabulous, unreleased track Love’s Got A Hold Of Me recorded with George Harrison, and a beautiful unreleased 2004 Traffic recording of Dear Mr Fantasy. This set’s release coincides with the publication of a luxurious book of the same name by Genesis Publications, which features a forward by Jim’s friend and contemporary, Robert Plant which features many of Jim’s handwritten lyrics.

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At the turn of the century, Pasquale Capaldi left his native Italy and ventured into Scotland. Later, settling in Evesham, England, he planted a Capaldi tree that would spread its branches across the sea to the United States as far as Michigan and Pennsylvania. Jim's Grandfather played the accordion. He and wife Angelina had six daughters and three sons. Nick, the youngest of the Capaldi family and an accomplished accordionist, had a regular show broadcast on Radio Luxembourg in it's early days and his wife Maria sang with a touring troupe and recorded early 78 rpm records.They lived and breathed music and when Jim was born on August 2, 1944, music was already in his blood. At the vanguard of popular music for four decades, Jim Capaldi had always been involved in music. He formed his first band at the age of fourteen and was soon recording for Pye records with the Hellions. Shortly thereafter, he was gathering rave reviews in a band called Deep Feeling which he shared with fellow Traffic founder Dave Mason & Family founding member Poli Palmer. The band played rock & blues and locally were in a league of their own. In the mid 60’s, Jim became a regular face at the legendary Birmingham late nightclub "The Elbow Room". After following their shows, he would go and jam together with other Birmingham bands and it was here that the idea of Traffic was born. Apart from the group's eleven album multi- platinum career fuelled by Jim's writing partnership with Steve Winwood, Jim enjoyed a solo career of note with eleven solo albums since the days of his first solo project, while still a member of Traffic. Love Hurts was a major hit worldwide in 1975. Jim maintained his momentum with U.S. successes like "That's Love" and “Living On The Edge” from the Fierce Heart album with Atlantic Records in 1982, "Something So Strong" from the Some Come Running album in 1987 with Island Records and Jim toured throughout this period in Europe leading his own band "The Contenders". Jim was working on his twelfth solo album when Steve called to ask for his input on a forthcoming Winwood album which, in fact, was to become Traffic's return to the scene. Subsequent to the reformation of Traffic in 1993 and the release in 1994 of the album “Far From Home", the band toured America for five months, headlining 75 shows to over 500,000 people. They appeared at Woodstock and played ten shows together with fellow rock legends "The Grateful Dead". Jim was always a gifted songwriter. A five time winner of either BMI or ASCAP awards, in respect of most played compositions in America, he was sought for many projects. His most recent was The Eagles return; having written their massive radio cut "Love Will Keep Us Alive". In 1998 Jim and fellow Traffic co-founder Dave Mason toured the U.S. and there was a resultant live CD from the tour. Living On The Outside was the first product delivered for a new European based world wide recording deal for Jim. It was recorded at Can studios. Can Studios, in Weilerswist near Koln, was set up and previously owned by German Techno act Can. A very innovative and historically important place the studio was recently bought by the German Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and London Bridge style has been taken apart brick by brick and wire by wire to be completely faithfully re-assembled in their museum as a working studio opening in 2007. Living On The Outside was co-produced by Jim and with Can’s engineer producer Rene Tinner who by now owned the place himself, released in 2002, the album contained guest appearances from George Harrison, Steve Winwood, Paul Weller, Gary Moore and Ian Paice. Jim was writing and recording for his final studio album Poor Boy Blue during 2003 when late in the year the call came though to say that Traffic were to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in March of 2004. Following their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2004 plans were well advanced between Jim & Steve for a further Traffic tour that Autumn but sadly with Jim’s illness events overtook everyone and the tour never came to be. Jim died in January 2005 leaving a rich legacy within the body of work he had created, a benchmark for aspiring musicians and songwriters. On 21st January 2007 some of Rock’s elite performers gathered to pay tribute to Jim at the Roundhouse in London at an event called Dear Mr Fantasy. A star studded house band was joined by some very special guests including Steve Winwood, Joe Walsh, Pete Townshend, Yusuf Islam, Paul Weller, Gary Moore, Jon Lord, Bill Wyman, Dennis Locorriere and many more.The concert was a beautiful event with a special atmosphere. It was filmed and recorded and released on CD and DVD in Summer of 2007.

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 Талантливый английский музыкант и автор песен, участник группы Traffic. В свое время он сотрудничал со многими музыкантами мирового значения, с Джими Хендриксом, Эриком Клэптоном, Джорджем Харрисоном и прочими. Творческая карьера музыканта началась в 1961-ом году (и длилась более четырех десятилетий). Первоначально Джим играл на барабанах в команде The Sapphires. Через некоторое время он создал группу Hellions, пригласив в ее состав гитариста Дэйва Мейсона и ритм-гитариста Гордона Джексона. В 1964-ом году музыканты оказались в Гамбурге, где в одном из клубов познакомились с талантливым мультиинструменталитом Стивом Винвудом, играющим в тот период времени в коллективе The Spencer Davis Group. Знакомство оказалось знаковым и в будущем привело молодых людей к совместной работе. В течение некоторого времени команда Джима Капалди активно выступала в Лондоне. К тому времени Мейсон покинул коллектив, а его место занял не менее способный музыкант Палмер. Новый состав оказался удачным и привлек внимание истинных профессионалов, таких, как Джими Хендрикс, например, который с удовольствием выступал вместе с ребятами. Однажды Капалди решил принять участие в импровизированном выступлении его друзей-музыкантов, среди которых был и Стив Винвуд. Временное сотрудничество оказалось успешным и в итоге привело к созданию нового коллектива, который получил название Traffiс. Кроме Джима и Стива в состав группы вошли Крис Вуд и Дейв Мейсон. Через несколько лет Traffiс раскололся и Стив с Джимом занялись записью отдельного альбома. Несмотря на то, что пластинка получилось отличной, Капалди продолжил работать сольно и в 1972-ом году записал дебютный сольный диск. Творчество Джима Капалди во все времена было в цене. В девяностые годы он гастролировал в США, появившись на публике в 1994-ом и 1998-ом годах. В начале двухтысячных Капалди выпустил свой 12-ый сольный альбом - Living On The Outside - и готовился продолжить работу (в 2005-ом году Traffic должен был отправиться в гастрольный тур). К сожалению, планам музыканта помешала неизлечимая болезнь. 28-го января 2005-го года Джим умер от рака желудка.

 CD 1  Total Time: 01:15:53

01. Daydreaming Of You / The Hellions
02. Hallelujah / The Revolution
03. Pretty Colours / Deep Feeling
04. Dealer / Traffic
05. Dear Mr. Fantasy / Traffic
06. Light Up Or Leave Me Alone / Traffic
07. Rock 'N' Roll Stew / Traffic
08. 40,000 Headmen / Jim Capaldi
09. Pearly Queen (Live)
(Eric Clapton And Freinds)
10. Tricky Dicky Rides Again / Jim Capaldi
11. Oh How We Danced (Anniversary Song)
(Jim Capaldi)
12. Eve / Jim Capaldi
13. Don't Be A Hero / Jim Capaldi
14. Open Your Heart / Jim Capaldi
15. How Much Can A Man Really Take?
(Jim Capaldi)
16. Low Rider / Jim Capaldi
17. Whale Meat Again / Jim Capaldi

Track 1 from Piccadilly single 7N 35213, 1964
Track 2 from Piccadilly single 7N 35289, 1966
Track 3 rec. 1966, first issued on Angel Air SJPCD088, 2001
Tracks 4-5 from Mr. Fantasy, Island LP 961, 1967
Tracks 6-7 from The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, Island LP 9180, 1971
Track 8 original version first appeared on Island single WIP 6030, 1968
Track 9 from Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert, RSO 877, 1973
Tracks 10 & 11 from Island single WIP 6165, 1973
Track 12 from Island (U.S.) single 1204, 1972
Tracks 13-15 from Oh How We Danced, Island LP 9187, 1972
Tracks 16-17 from Whale Meat Again, Island LP 9254, 1974

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 CD 2  Total Time:  01:18:07

01. It's All Up To You
02. Love Hurts
03. Short Cut Draw Blood
04. Boy With A Problem
05. Seagull
06. You And Me (With Paul Kossoff)
07. Game Of Love
08. Elixir Of Life
09. Shoe Shine (Disco Mix)
10. Hotel Blues
11. Tabitha
12. Electric Nights
13. Wild Geese
14. Every Man Must March To The Beat Of His Own Drum
15. Man With No Country
16. Going Home

Tracks 1-5 from Short Cut Draw Blood, Island LP 9336, 1975 Track 6 from Koss, DJM LP 2-300, 1977
Tracks 7-8 from The Contender, Polydor LP 2383 490, 1978
Track 9 from RSO 12? single RPO-1014, 1979
Tracks 10-13 from Electric Nights, RSO LP 3050, 1979
Tracks 14-16 from The Sweet Smell of Success, Carrere 116, 1980

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 CD 3  Total Time:  01:22:33

01. Let The Thunder Cry
02. Favella Music
03. Child In The Storm
04. Warm
05. Old Photographs
06. We Don't Need
07. Tonight You're Mine
08. Living On The Edge
09. That's Love
10. Gifts Of Unknown Things
11. Lost Inside Your Love
12. Tales Of Power
13. Warriors Of Love
14. Something So Strong
15. Oh Lord, Why Lord
16. Love Used To Be A Friend Of Mine
17. Some Come Running
18. Living On The Outside

Tracks 1-6 from Favella Music, Carrere LP 123, 1981
Tracks 7-10 from Fierce Heart, Atlantic LP 7 80059-1, 1983
Tracks 11-13 from One Man Mission, Atlantic LP 7 80192-1, 1984
Tracks 14-16 from Some Come Running, Island LP 9921, 1988
Track 17 & Disc 4, Tracks 1-3 from Living on the Outside, SPV CD 72512, 2001 - reissued 2003

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 CD 4  Total Time:  01:16:38

01. Standing In My Light
02. Anna Julia
03. Love You 'Til The Day I Die
04. State Of Grace *
05. Tallulah *
06. Humanity (Just Another Checkpoint) *
07. Bright Fighter
08. Strange Bird *
09. How Do I Get To Heaven *
10. Love's Got A Hold Of Me *
11. Song For George *
12. The Time Of Cholera *
13. Invaders Of The Heart *
14. Getting Stronger
15. Love Will Keep Us Alive (Live)
16. Dear Mr. Fantasy (Live) *

* Previously Unreleased
• Tracks 4-16 previously unreleased

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