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Secret Society - The Cafe Society (Compilation) 2003

Artist: Cafe Society
Album: Secret Society (Compilation)
Label: Secret Society
Release Date: Jan 01, 2003
Genre: Rock, Pop-Rock
Total Time: 01:12:28

Secret Society album by Cafe Society was released Jan 01, 2003 on the Secret Society label. Cafe Society's debut, SECRET SOCIETY, features Tom Robinson and includes tracks "Maybe It's Me," "Felicity," and 16 others. Secret Society CD music contains a single disc with 19 songs.
The Tom Robinson Band produced some of the most radical political anthems of the "Punk" era, achieving huge hits with "2 - 4 - 6 - 8 Motorway" and "Sing If You're Glad To Be Gay" Secret Society songs Like his contemporaries Costello and Strummer, Robinson had a struggling past, before he found fame. In 1973, Tom joined Cafe Society who were often to be found playing their folk - rock (Crosby, Stills and Nash crossed with Three Dog Night) songs throughout the pubs and clubs of London. Ray Davies soon signed them to his new Konk label, the band released their self titled debut album in 1974. Smash Hits declared "Cafe Society", album of the month and the band went on the road with Barclay James Harvest. However, the album sold poorly and Davies dumped the band. They continued, with Sounds naming them Most Promising Band Of 1976, but by this time Tom had seen the Sex Pistols and departed to form his own band and Cafй Society ground to a halt. This is their debut album.

 ♪ Tracklist:

01. Maybe It's Me 03:53
02. Felt Like a Kid 02:49
03. Felicity 05:35
04. Sweet Black Angel 03:44
05. You Turn Me On 04:40
06. Golden Mile 04:07
07. Whitby 2 Step 01:59
08. Give Us a Break 02:58
09. The Creed 04:15
10. When I Set Eyes 02:37
11. Family Song 04:16
12. Lap of Luxury 02:55
13. Old Man & Child 04:00
14. Sailor 03:57
15. Love Rules 03:45
16. You Are the Fire 03:52
17. Good Time Music 03:09
18. Fly 04:48
19. Glad To Be Gay (Original) 05:01

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  1. Спасибо Александр, за редкие альбомы! Где еще найдешь такие, как не у тебя!

    1. Пожалуйста тезка!))
      В данный момент в поиске десятка три альбомов. Более, чем на 15 альбомов гугл вообще не реагирует.)) Будто-бы их и несуществует.

      Если что то будет появляться, обязательно полелюсь.